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The 5 Best Women's Rain Boots

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Rain boots are a must for proper protection against the elements. Rain, mud, and even snow can dampen or soak your feet, leading them to be super cold. Between frostbite and uncomfortably cold feet, you won't be at your best without a pair of quality rain boots. Plus, you'll need rain boots to stay safe. Rain boots have traction made for walking on wet, slippery grounds. So, if you're camping on muddy grounds, you'll need a pair to safely walk through puddles and mud. If you're fishing, you may want a pair to avoid falling in a slippery grassy area. Plus, rubber rain boots are easy to wipe clean. (Think mud, grass, or even fish guts.)

It's time for a pair of rain boots. Wear them walking to work, running errands, or even while you're walking in the wet backyard to feed the dogs or chickens. I think we all have a pair of shoes we like to leave close to the door for those quick errands outside - checking mail, walking the dog, or even when you have to back your car out so another family member can exit the driveway. There are lots of scenarios that'll lead you to wanting a pair of rain boots. So, we're calling all gardeners, animal lovers, campers, and more to pick out their favorite pair of rain boots to preserve their shoes, and of course, to stay dry and warm.

1. Best Insulated Boots

Bogs Womens Classic High Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain Boot - Amazon, $94.35+ 

As BOGS says, respect your feet! You're doing your feet a disservice when you aren't wearing the proper footwear, especially in cold weather. Whether it's 10 or 50 degrees out, your feet will get cold! To keep your feet from being constricted in cold weather, invest in BOG's top-rated insulated rain boots. The rubber boots are comfort rated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for many cities this fall and winter.

The tall rain boots are super easy to put on thanks to the pull-on handles. They're also odor protected — perfect for the warmer days! Whether you're walking to the train station or at work, you won't find yourself in a dangerous slip/fall situation. They have a non-slip rubber sole with traction lugs to keep you on your feet.

2. Best Knee High Rain Boots

Women's Original Tall Rain Boots - Hunter, $175 

Hunter makes boots for those who thrive in wet weather. If you don't think you're a fan of the rain, just wait until you get a pair of Hunter rain boots (and a tough rain coat). These rubber boots are waterproof and have Hunter's original tread pattern, perfect for walking out in the rain. If you don't think knee high boots are your style, just remember that icky feeling you get when bootcut jeans get wet. Knee high boots will keep a major portion of your pants dry! (Just be sure to also wear a good rain coat!). Knee high boots will also come in handy if you're walking through areas where your legs need extra protection. (Forests with lots of ticks or mosquitoes, and even gardens.)

3. Best Option With Traction

LaCrosse Women's Alpha Thermal 14" 7.0MM Waterproof Work Boot - Amazon, $101.98+

When it comes to work boots, you need a boot with quality traction. Whether you're working outside or get a little nervous walking on wet sidewalks, you'll want to go with a waterproof work boot. LaCrosse's thermal boot isn't just a great option for insulation, but it's a great boot for keeping you safe.

A customer gave them a 5-star rating and wrote, "Great boots. I have size 10, very wide feet, very high arches. The boots have room for winter socks, an arch insert and are very comfortable. My arch is so high, it does squeeze it a bit after a few hours, but the boot is very comfortable while moving and working, it isn't a big issue. Heavy duty and a bit heavy in weight too. Good traction in slippy, clay mud. Many gals at barn bought same boots. Nice, subtle trim colors."

As long as you're okay with a heavier boot, this style is sure to keep you on your feet at work!

4. Best Budget Option

Planone Mid Calf Rain Boots For Women - Amazon, $36.90

Keep it budget-friendly with a pair of boots from Planone. Their boots are under $40 and still offer great protection from wet, rainy days. They're a lightweight boot, so they're great for some muddy grounds and light rain. They'll hold up well in cool weather, but not the best pick for freezing cold weather. Overall, they're affordable, and so cute. Choose from 10 vibrant colors. (Light pink for April showers and black for fall and winter!).

5. Best Ankle Boot


Just about every popular rain boot brand has classic look with an ankle style. Don't get us wrong, we love those boots! However, it doesn't hurt to switch things up with a dressy rain boot. These Chooka rain boots don't sacrifice style. If you have a lot of turtle necks, cropped knit sweaters, and cardigans to show off, you'll want to pair them with these boots. They have a rubber traction sole to keep you on your feet and a removable cushioned insole for your comfort.

These boots might look like they can't take on the elements, but they can definitely deflect dampness. If you have a date night, concert, or fun event coming up and rain is in the forecast, you can't go wrong with these boots. A customer wrote, "I like these a lot! Perfect for errands on a rainy day. True to size and comfortable."