Best Survival Kits

7 of the Best Survival Kits for Wilderness, Natural Disaster and More

These survival kits will ensure you're prepared for anything.

A good emergency survival kit is an absolute must when disaster strikes. A high-quality kit provides everything you need to be prepared for a survival situation. You don't have to be a hardcore prepper setting up for the end of the world either. Survival kits can you the peace of mind you are ready for natural disasters like blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, or extended power outages.

They're also great for backcountry campers in case you mistakenly wander off the beaten path and must stay in the wilderness for an extended period.

Today we'll look at some of the best survival kits on the market today. These will all provide the best bang for your buck. These kits all have extremely useful and versatile survival items that will provide everything you need in an emergency.

VSSL Camp Supplies and First Aid Flashlights

I reviewed these two kits last summer and they are some of the finest I have ever seen in terms for emergency preparedness. These kits full of first aid supplies and outdoor survival tools stuffed into the body of a 200-lumen flashlight with four different lighting modes including an automatic SOS flasher. The camp supplies kit includes things like a fire starter kit with 10 waterproof matches and quick tinder, a beeswax candle, a mini wire saw, and water purification tablets. There's also a fishing kit full of basic gear to catch a meal deep in the backcountry, making this a great option for hikers. There is also a sewing kit, duct tape, a bamboo cloth that doubles as a water filter, marine grade rope, a can opener, and an emergency whistle. The other kit they offer is a first aid kit that uses the same flashlight body storage, but focuses only on medical supplies including bandages, medical tape, gauze tape, tweezers and more. This kit would be a good one to keep in the car at all times, or to add to a bug out bag.

Lchahsprn 37 in 1

If you're looking for small and compact, this kit has a little bit of everything when it comes to basic tools. This kit can easily be stored under a car seat or in a backpacking or bug out bag for when you need it. This kit includes a folding knife, flashlight, tactical pen, fire starting materials, and an emergency blanket. Also included are a multi-tool with pliers, a paracord bracelet, some basic first aid supplies, a multi tool card and even a wire saw. This is a simple kit, and we wouldn't call it military-grade, but it's one with a lot of functionality. You get a lot for a relatively low price and the Amazon reviews are almost universally positive.

Sustain Supply Co 72-Hour Disaster Kit

This one is geared more towards natural disasters and having essential supplies on hand in the home. It's the type of survival kit you keep in the closet for when you need it most. Sustain Supply Co. went for the basics here. Food, water, first aid, lighting, and fire. This kit includes an LED lantern, light sticks, a first aid kit, 4 emergency thermal blankets, a MoraKniv knife, fire tinders, and an emergency whistle. The big selling point of this one is the 48 packets of Datrex drinking water, four water and 24 mountain house servings of emergency food rations. These aren't simple food bars either, it's stuff like chicken teriyaki and mac and cheese that's sure to bring some comfort to children after any natural disaster. The company says it is enough food for a family of four for 72 hours, which should hold you over until rescue for most scenarios. They even include a small camp stove to cook it on and bowls and utensils. All of it stored in a single large backpack in case you must leave in a hurry. At $300, it's not cheap, but it's something you'll be glad you have when an emergency situation arises.

Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit

This is another 72-hour disaster kit designed for a family of four to grab and go when they need supplies and to move quickly. This kit includes four boxes of emergency water, emergency food rations with a five-year shelf life, emergency ponchos, duct tape, a 107-piece first aid kit, glow sticks, and emergency thermal blankets. This kit also includes things like dust masks, safety goggles, bio-hazard bags and towelettes to keep things sanitary. Another useful addition is Ready America's emergency power station. It's a hand-crank flashlight and radio that also acts as a cell phone charger in a pinch. Helpful for when the power goes out for extended periods or you cannot find a place to charge you phone normally.

S.O.L. Origin Waterproof Survival Tool Kit

A small and compact kit of survival gear that only weighs six ounces, making it an excellent option for through hikers and backpackers. This kit includes an LED light that provides up to 15 hours of light on a fresh set of batteries. There is an SOS signal mirror and whistle in the included pocket knife to help signal your position to rescuers. Fire Lite striker and waterproof tinder will help you build a fire quickly in emergency. This kit also has four fish hooks, fishing line, and sinkers to help you catch a meal in a pinch. All of this gear fits into a waterproof case that will easily slip into a glove box or tool kit.

Wise Company 5-day Survival Pack

This is an emergency food and supplies kit meant for an individual that is on his or her own. This kit has the standard offerings in an emergency poncho, waterproof matches, a mylar blanket, and a flashlight. It packs in 32 servings of food and five water pouches. The food includes things like pasta, apple cinnamon cereal and southwest beans and rice. There is also a hygiene kit with multiple bandages, tissues, and wet naps. There is also an N95 dust mask, which as we all know, comes in handy during a pandemic. This is a solid option for someone without a ton of storage space, such as an apartment or condo. All the gear is stored in a camo backpack that can easily be stored under a bed or in a closet until you need it.

Everlit Emegency Survival Kit Gen II

This kit has a little bit of everything as far as tools go, all tucked into a compact mole pouch. This kit has tons of tactical gear including a flashlight, knife, pen, and a fork spoon. There's a wire saw for light firewood or brush clearing applications. A multi-function tool card, glock sticks, a paracord bracelet, a disposable poncho and a small first aid kit. The multi-function pliers come with a variety of different screwdriver heads for one you come across an odd one in a pinch. Everlit says this kit was designed and built by Army veterans. If you don't trust their judgement, almost every rating on Amazon is positive. The kit comes at a great price too.

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