man holding sunglasses up to his face toward the sun

The Best Sunglasses for Men Who Hike, Fish & Go Camping

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Sunglasses are key for all sorts of summertime activities, and are essential for both UV protection and clearer visibility in bright conditions. However, not all sunglasses offer the same protection, so if you'll be spending lots of time outdoors fishing, camping, or hiking, you should invest in a quality pair to shield your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you hike or snowboard, then you know the sun can blur your vision, which is dangerous when climbing or participating in sports. Also, they'll help keep the elements out of your eyes! When the wind picks up dirt and debris, it can be a nuisance, especially if you wear contact lenses. Rinsing your eyes out when hiking or fishing is a hassle, so be proactive and wear the right eyewear when outside. Our picks for the best sunglasses for men range from eyewear fit for exploring the outdoors, everyday wear, and more activities.

See which pair of sunglasses work best for driving the RV around (because we all know driving during sunset is tough), the perfect pair for fishing, and the best option for a midday walk. Our favorites include specs like polarized filters (great for when you're on water), adjustability, and tint. We even factored in how often your sunglasses may be susceptible to damage — if you're usually rough on sunglasses, you definitely want something scratch-resistant. They could take a tumble, so you want to make sure your lenses will survive the camping trip! See which sunglasses are best for you below.

1. Our Top Pick for Hiking

Treeline Navy Silver - $89, Sunski

Made for days in high alpine terrain, the Treeline sunglasses have polarized lenses to significantly reduce light glare and magnetic side shields: these are exactly what you want if you're hiking or spending time in high-glare areas. They're removable, but the side shields prove particularly helpful when the wind picks up. They're stylish and protective, which can be hard to find in hiking sunglasses. Sunski doesn't sacrifice style — they found the perfect balance between performance and fashion. The lenses will filter out 90% of sunlight and 100% of UVA/UVB/UV400 rays. Make these your go-to shades for hiking. One customer wrote: "Love everything about them. Super light weight but doesn't feel cheap...Honestly I've ditched my everyday oakleys and find that I grab these as my go to shades. Thank you so much for such a great product." Pick from four colors and take advantage of the virtual try-on option. Also, a zipper case is included, so be sure to use it — as well as a lifetime warranty.

2. The Best Sunglasses for Fishing & Boating

Costa Del Mar Blackfin 580G Glass Polarized Sunglasses - Bass Pro Shops, $273+

Costa Del Mar have been a leading brand in fishing eyewear for 30 years now, and are one of the best sunglasses for men or women who go out on the water. The superior polarized lenses control glare, giving you a clear view of the water, which tends to reflect bright light. The lenses filter out harsh yellow and harmful blue light to make colors bright and make fish look more defined. These sunglasses are comfy and eco-friendly, too. The nose pad and temple tips offer a secure fit that doesn't feel too tight, and the nylon frames are made using an eco-friendly bio-resin process instead of using petroleum. Lastly, we acknowledge that these sunglasses are pricey, but once you invest in Costa Del Mar sunglasses, you'll never go back. These shades are for serious anglers.

The glasses come with a case and cleaning cloth.

3. The Best Sunglasses for a Road Trip

Meade Solar Shield Gloss Black - Foster Grant, $25.95

Camping, fishing, and hunting trips can require road trips. If you drive 3-4 hours, or even states away to enjoy the outdoors, then you know that driving at night for 5+ hours is tough. Not only is it dangerous, but it's a bit frightening when driving on roads you're not used to. Make sure you see that sign warning you to take that curve going 30MPH (and to look out for deer)!. For your protection, we recommend night driving sunglasses. The Solar Shield sunglasses have anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, and the lenses pass global standard for traffic light transmittance. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. A major perk is that you'll be able to wear these over prescription glasses if needed.

4. The Best Option for Winter Sports


LS Rec-Specs Snowblazer I - Sunglasses Sport Eyes, $120+

If you like to snowboard or ski, you'll need a pair of winter sunglasses. The magnetic eye cups helps protect your eyes from wind and debris that often affect vision when it's windy and cold outside. There's also integrated venting to allow airflow, so these won't fog up even as you breath into a gaiter scarf. (They will fit comfortably under helmets, too.) You can always wear your ski goggles, but these are more casual if you're not a serious skier or winter sports enthusiast. Wear them on a snowy hike, walking around the ski resort, or even when you're clearing snow out of the driveway. These sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and come with a case, cleaning cloth, and and pouch for the eye cups and adjustable cord. If you don't like wearing contacts, you have the option to add a prescription to the lenses as well.

5. The Best Budget Option

KALIYADI Sunglasses Unisex 2-Pack - Amazon, $19.99

Cheap sunglasses are always useful year round, so we knew the best sunglasses for men would also include a budget option: They're great for everyday wear or when you know you can't risk losing a pair of expensive shades. (Think tubing, swimming, or camping.) This two-pack of polarized sunglasses are resistant to impact, scratches, and provide 100% protection from UV rays. They are helpful in blocking glares, too. One customer wrote: "Firstly, looking into the sun was clear with no blur from the glare that should have been there. There was no graininess that is very apparent in cheap glasses. The color although darker, appeared accurate. They were absolutely amazing." These also happen to be an Amazon favorite: with over 30,000 positive ratings, you know these are an impressive pair. Not only do they work, but they're pretty comfy. They nose pads are made of silicone material that's soft, stretchy, and adjustable. They come with a box, pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, and a polarized test card.