4 Best Rangefinders for Gun Hunters

These are your best bet for long-range accuracy.

As you wade through the options in search of the best hunting rangefinder, look for one that's water-resistant, provides ergonomic handling, offers an extended warranty, boasts a long CR2 battery life, and accurately reports true ballistic range.

With this criteria in mind, here are some of our top picks.

Sig Sauer KILO 1600BDX

Best Rangefinders For Hunting


KILO laser rangefinders not only provide you with ultra-accurate readings, but they'll also help you zero in on your target via Sig's Ballistic Data Xchange technology. Pair one with your riflescope via Bluetooth, and the BDX system will calculate your exact aiming point based on your individual shooter ballistic profile and environmental parameters in your reticle. An illuminated holdover dot will instantly appear in your BDX scope. HyperScan updates the range four times per second in scan mode, and RangeLock provides the most recent range for distant targets. The KILO 1600BDX also features line of sight or angle compensation modes, a transparent red OLED display for low light conditions, and a 6x22mm monocular with an anti-reflection coating.

Hawke Vantage Series

Best Rangefinders For Hunting

Hawke Optics

For a solid option at an incredibly affordable price point, check out the Vantage Series from Hawke Sport Optics, which feature multi-coated optical systems with BK-7 prisms, 6x magnification, and an adjustable diopter. Waterproof and fogproof, these rangefinders feature five different modes to provide you with the most accurate reading, including Angle (compensating for angles), Rain (accounting for raindrop interference), and Hunt (ranging target and ignoring obstacles). Available with a maximum range up to 900 yards, Vantage Series rangefinders offer an optimal field of view as well as accuracy within one yard. With the ability to range as close as 7 yards, they can also double as bowhunting rangefinders for the treestand.

Leica Rangemasters

Best Rangefinders For Hunting


These high-quality, weatherproof rangefinders will set you back around $1,000 depending on model, but they're well worth the investment. The CRF 3500.COM can range up to 3,500 yards in just 0.3 seconds, making it ideal for long-range shooting and rifle hunting. A generous field of view and 7x magnification allow for easy target identification at long distances. These hunting rangefinders can also be paired the with the Leica hunting app, an Apple Watch, and the Kestrel Elite weather meter.

Nikon LaserForce

Best Rangefinders For Hunting


For one less piece of hunting equipment to haul into the backcountry, consider rangefinding binoculars like the Nikon LaserForce. Nikon's Incline/Decline technology delivers incredibly accurate distance readings with angle range compensation, while long eye relief design guarantees a clear field of view, even with eyeglasses. The 10x42 binos can range up to 1,900 yards or as close as 10 yards for archery hunting. LaserForce binos boast durability with flip-down objective lens caps and a shock-resistant, waterproof construction.

Some other popular options to consider include the Vortex Optics Ranger 1800, Bushnell Nitro 800, and Leupold RX rangefinders.

Be sure to do your research and physically test as many models as possible to find the right rangefinder for your hunting style and personal preferences.