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Here's a .50 Cal Hitting a Ballistic Glass Window in Super Slo-Mo


Have you ever wondered what exactly happens at that precise moment when a bullet impacts a sheet of ballistic glass?

Check out this super-slow-motion video of that tiny moment in time and see for yourself. It is fascinating!

This is so cool! Super slow motion video allows us to see exactly what occurs at the moment of impact when a bullet hits a thick piece of ballistic acrylic glass. It is a sight to behold.

First, they fire a 9mm at the acrylic, which is what the armor is rated for. The moment of impact is impressive, as the window shatters in a small pressure cone-shaped configuration. The bullet doesn't pass through the window, but it's an excellent demonstration about what happens when the tip of the bullet strikes the acrylic.

Next, they fire a .50 caliber at the ballistic acrylic glass. This caliber far surpasses what the armor is rated for and the results are pretty spectacular.


The .50 cal annihilated the window, and in super slow motion the impact and resulting blow-up of the acrylic sheet is awesome.

You think that was cool? If so, then you will absolutely love how this .50 call machine gun destroys this car - filmed in slow motion!

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Here's a .50 Cal Hitting a Ballistic Glass Window in Super Slo-Mo