The Best U.S. Destinations to Visit in September

Looking for the perfect getaway for the month of September? The fall time of year is the ideal moment to knock another epic destination off of your travel bucket list. Labor Day marks the end of the summer months, and usually the end of the peak season, which in our opinion, is the best time of year to visit the places you have always wanted to (with fewer crowds).

Whether you are taking a road trip, a day trip, or are flying across the country, we have compiled a list of the best places to travel in September. While traveling the world or taking a European vacation sounds absolutely incredible, we are focusing on our favorite places in the United States (but you can find some international destinations listed at the end).

Best Places to Travel in September

1. San Francisco, California

People say that the best time of year to visit San Francisco is between September through November, as the city sees its warmest temperatures and fewer crowds. Perfect for seafood and sightseeing, the magic of the Golden Gate city awaits.

2. Grand Canyon National Park

The best months to visit Grand Canyon National Park are March through May and mid-September (after Labor Day) through November, as the high season are the summer months when crowds are thick and temperatures are hot. Outdoor activities abound at this bucket list national park, including hiking, rafting, camping, climbing, and biking.

3. Hawaii

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While any of the Hawaiian Islands are a great idea almost any time of year, September is one of the best months to make a trip to this tropical island chain. September lies in Hawaii's dry season, which lasts from mid-springtime in April to the end of October. Stretch out on white-sand beaches, hike to one-of-a-kind watering holes, try ocean kayaking, or plan a whale-watching excursion.

4. New York City

It is hard to beat New York City in autumn, as Central Park is coated in glorious fall foliage with oranges, reds, and yellows starting to cover the Big Apple's green spaces. If you have the time for a day trip or weekend getaway while you are in the area, drive four hours to either Watkins Glen State Park or Green Lakes State Park — complete with hiking, biking, golfing, boating, and camping.

5. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley in September is arguably the perfect time of year for a visit to wine country. The average temperature usually lies in the low seventies, making it the prime time for wine tasting, shopping, and relaxing with a glass of chilled white wine.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

After the triple-digit heat in the summer months, September is a dream in Las Vegas. As it is not peak season, there are usually fewer tourists, leaving more room for you and your crew to explore Sin City in style. September in Vegas still means pool parties and unforgettable moments, just with a little less scorching heat.

International Destinations


-Buenos Aires, Argentina

-Vancouver, Canada

-South Africa

-Munich, Germany

-New Zealand

-Barcelona, Spain


-Europe: Sicily, Italy, or exploring the Greek Islands of Greece

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