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10 of the Best Outdoor Gifts For Father's Day

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Father's Day will be here before you know it. Instead of getting Dad a Home Depot gift card, get him something he didn't know he needed — which, for us, means some of the best outdoor gifts we could round up. If he's the hiker, camper, angler, or just overall outdoorsman of the family, he's going to love these useful and unique products that are will be beloved for years to come. We dived deep into items that could serve as the most useful on camping trips and other outdoor adventures your dad may get into this summer. These best outdoor gifts for Dad will make any rugged Dad smile.

We searched for creative products that are hard to find in store and popular outdoor finds that are of the highest quality, so they'll be a special, thoughtful addition to his kit. They're the best Father's Day gifts for the dad that won't shop for himself but he could really use. Our Father's Day gift guide covers it all, so pick one (or two) great gifts that tell Dad or Grandpa you're ready for a road trip, a camping weekend, or an outdoor adventure together.

1. A Camping Lantern With A Fan

Odoland Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan - Amazon, $16.99

There are many reasons why your dad, grandpa, or husband needs this useful portable fan with a light: If he's camping in a tent and runs hot, chances are he'll be wishing he had a fan, and this one will keep him cool as he reads, sleeps, or lounges around the campsite. He'll also enjoy the bright LED light, which comes in handy for seeing inside a tent — and it has a durable hook and a flat base so you can hang it up or place it on a surface. The fan has a brushless motor, so it's not loud but gives off an even white noise. It has two settings and will work for up to 36 hours without needing to replace the battery.

2. A Lightweight Multi-Tool

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool - Amazon, $74.95

This multi-tool is a must-have because it's better than the one he probably has — it's sturdier, from a great brand, and will last for many years. What makes it unique is its one-handed open access and its lightweight construction. It's seven tools in one, and comes equipped with a knife, pliers, a large exchangeable bit driver, wire-cutters, and a combo-carabiner/bottle opener. Plus, it also includes an extra bit in the handle. This is only four-inches long when it's closed, and the knife is 2.6 inches long.

3. A Camping Chair Perfect for the Dad Who Needs to Relax

Folding Portable Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest - Amazon, $69.99

Your favorite guy probably already has a go-to camping chair for all of his outdoor activities, but does that chair recline and have have a footrest? Didn't think so. This is one of the best gifts for dads who aren't fans of hammocks but still want a designated area to lounge on. The lightweight chair is only about 13 pounds, making it easy to carry and set up at a campsite or the backyard, beach, and more. The back can recline from 90 to 130 degrees and, of course, has a removable footrest.  We also love that there's a cup holder and a mesh pocket to keep essentials close by, and the sturdy steel base won't rust over time.

4. The High-Powered Monocular That's Great for Hunters and Bird-Watchers

Pankoo High-Powered Mon0cular Telescope - Amazon, $49.99

With 12 times the magnification and 50 millimeter object lens diameter, this monocular produces clear, bright, and sharp images — this is a gift that can be perfect for hunting, hiking, bird-watching, ball games, and so many other things. It's waterproof and fog-proof, and it comes with a tripod and a smartphone holder. It has a twist-up eye cup so you can even use it with glasses, and one reviewer writes: "It's easy to use, intuitive and the tripod is sturdy."

5. A Foldable Campfire Grill With a Griddle

Adventure Seeka Heavy Duty Folding Campfire Grill - Amazon, $49.95

This 24-inch campfire grill folds up neatly and with handles so you can take it anywhere, and it also has a griddle on the side so you can cook things like pancakes, eggs, and bacon without breaking out a pan. It's sturdy and requires no set-up or tools. When you first get it home, take the time to season it and your burgers, steaks, chicken, and sausages will be as delicious as if you cooked them on your gas grill.

6. A Lightweight Backpack With a Hydration Pack

Teton Sports Oasis Hydration Pack - Amazon, $44.99

This hydration pack is for the outdoor lover who can never have enough backpacks to hold their gear. It comes with a 2-liter hydration pack with a kink-free tube and a push-lock bite valve. The bag itself has a sewn-in rain cover to protect gear from the elements, comes with compression straps to tighten if you're riding a bike, and adjustable straps around the chest and waist that make for a comfortable fit. It comes in a number of colors and has four zippered pockets.

7. A Purifying and Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

CrazyCap UV Water Purifier and Self-Cleaning Bottle - Amazon, $79.95

This stainless steel bottle has a top with an LED light that provides UV-C sterilization that's 99.996% effective. Every four hours, the UV rays get to work, keeping the bottle clean and odor-free. The rechargeable battery lasts for seven days without a charge, and the insulated bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours. It's a handy purchase for someone who travels outside the country or gets their water from various sources in all different types of places, like the tap or the fountain.

8. A Carabiner That Can Support 100 Pounds

HEROCLIP Carabiner Clip and Hook - Amazon, $27.99

This carabiner clip and hook is so sturdy, it can support 100 pounds of weight. The rubber tip keeps your grip completely secure, and it's great for organizing or hanging up bulky outdoor gear. It's not for climbing, but it's made of aircraft-grade aluminum that will be as useful in the outdoors as it is in the garage. Take this traveling or camping — it's a multitasker you can easily clip to a backpack.

9. A Pleasant and Soothing Lotion with SPF 50

Every Man Jack SPF 50 Face Shield, Sun Protection Lotion - Amazon, $22.99

Typically, men aren't thinking of a skincare routine when they're on a camping trip, which is exactly why a high-quality one will make a great gift. Every Man Jack's top-rated sunscreen offers UPF 50 protection and will soon become his favorite product to throw in his backpack. This fragrance-free lotion is made from natural ingredients for sensitive skin, like aloe vera and vitamin E. It's also made of shea butter and is free of parabens, phthalates, harmful chemicals, dyes, and oxybenzone. It's made-in-the-USA and also happens to be water-resistant, which is a great choice for sweaty hikes or a fishing trip.

10. A Whistle to Add to an Emergency Kit

LuxoGear Emergency Whistle - Amazon, $7.99

This emergency whistle is the perfect gift for a hiker to throw into their emergency kit or backpack. It's super loud and creates a high-pitched noise with dual sound chambers that can be heard from over a mile away. The lightweight whistle works in any condition and can be worn around the neck or tied to a backpack, lifejacket, bike, and more. It's made of high-impact ABS plastic construction and is completely waterproof.

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