The Best-Looking Garbage Trucks You've Ever Seen

Garbage trucks in North Carolina get wrapped with art, wrapping us with their beauty in the process.

For as large and loud as garbage trucks can be (especially at 5:15 in the morning), they may be the most unnoticed vehicles on the road.

They pick up trash, they throw trash away, they go back to their dumps or wherever they're housed. But a town in North Carolina is bringing some beauty to their own garbage trucks, redefining what it is to look trashy.

Haute Hauling

WITN in the Greater Greenville, North Carolina area reported that the city of Kinston's Public Services department wrapped a small fleet of their garbage trucks with artwork designed by a local artist. The art featured shows popular destinations in the and around the city including a local river and a baseball stadium.

"We just thought, wow, it would be a good thing - we've got these almost mobile billboards going into neighborhoods every day to advertise what we've got, and to also make them more attractive," explains Rhonda Barwick, the Director of Public Services in Kinston.

The wraps cost about $3,000 per truck (there are three trucks wrapped) and should be roaming around in artistic style for the next five years or so.

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