Best Indoor Dog Toys of 2021: Enter Coldest Months With the Hottest Toys

What do you call a dog who never outgrows puppyhood? 'Neotyny' of your business!

'Neotyny' is a serious, scientific word for a lighthearted concept. Nee-ott-un-nee is when an animal retains juvenile traits into adulthood. And that perfectly describes the dog! Canines never really graduate from puppyhood. Humans ultimately leave play behind, but our lucky furry friends are lifetime residents of Toyland.

Knowing how much all dogs love toys, then, we've assembled the best indoor dog toys of 2021. We think these are the playthings most likely to bring joy to pooches everywhere—and joy to us as we watch them! Because just maybe, if we join in the exuberance of our canine friends as they play with their toys, it will keep us young too.

Best Indoor Dog Toys of 2021

Kong Classic Dog Toy

This is the king of dog toys, you might say. Among dog toys for strong chewers, this brand is a go-to that has been making hefty hounds happy for 40 years. This American-made dog toy looks like a futuristic red pineapple, and serves as both a treat dispenser and a chew toy. Fill its hollow core with peanut butter or kibble or some other dog-safe delicacy for one delighted canine. No moving parts except a wagging tail.

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Nina Ottoson's Dog Smart by Outward Hound

Designed in Sweden, this puzzle game is level one. With practice, your little smarty may graduate to higher levels. Dogs move plastic bones covering nine treat compartments to find the goodies underneath. (Why don't we have games like that?)


Playology Dual Layer Bone Dog Toy

This chew toy comes in savory scents—beef, chicken, peanut butter, sweet potato, and cheddar cheese. They're all shaped like bones, even the peanut butter and the sweet potato. Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, but a much more powerful sense of smell, so this product focuses on stimulating that discerning nose.


Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy

This is not just a cute toy, but also has features that help alleviate anxiety from separation, travel, and noises like fireworks or thunder. Heatpacks provide warmth, and a simulated heartbeat makes your canine companion feel like he's cuddling up with mom. See? They never really grow up.


Pet Craft Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy Pizza Mutt 

This set includes three plush, squeaky dog toys in the form of pizza slices, complete with their own take-out box. The slices make great chew toys, while the pizza box is a fine place for hiding treats to test your canine friend's sniffer.


Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Your sidekick rolls the ball. The ball giggles. Any questions? Pushing the ball around will give your pet some exercise, and it will be an awful lot of fun. It's also available in glow-in-the-dark and treat dispensing versions.

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