Best Holsters For Women
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Best Holsters for Women: 3 Choices for Comfort and Security

They'll never notice you're packing with these concealed carry holsters for women.

With more form-fitting clothing, it's not so easy for women to strap on an ankle holster, thigh holster or run-of-the-mill leather holster. Sure, garter holsters look good in movies, but these three practical options are your best bet when you're not sporting an evening gown.

It's smart to note that most styles of inside the waistband and outside the waistband holsters are unisex, and are flexible, durable, and versatile enough to work for just about any shape or size, gender or comfort level. If you're headed to the range and want a good holster, don't ignore the plethora of good options.

If something more lady-specific is what you're after, here are some further thoughts.

Bottoms with Built-in Holsters

In my experience, the best concealed carry holsters for women are those built into clothing. CCW leggings one-up the inside the waistband holster (IWB holster) or bellyband holster by incorporating one directly into your pants.

I own several pieces from Alexo Athletica, and their clothing is by far my favorite for carrying while hiking, jogging or just running errands. Their line runs the gamut from leggings and biker shorts to skirts and joggers, so you can dress up or down while protecting yourself.

Multiple different gun holsters in each piece allow for your preferred carry position, and the well-engineered waistband makes them akin to a tuckable holster with excellent retention. My Ruger LCP .380 has never budged while wearing them.

I also own a couple pairs from Undertech Undercover, and their leggings are incredibly comfortable.

Body Carry Tops

Depending on your body type, a concealed carry top might be a better option for you. Undertech also makes built-in bra holsters and concealed carry tank tops for women who prefer to carry up top.

Dene Adams carries a wide variety of carry wear for women, including bra holsters, tank top holsters and corset holsters.

Concealed Carry Purses

If you've got anything larger than a subcompact handgun for self defense, you might want to consider carrying off-body with a concealed carry purse. My Glock 19 weighs down any clothing I wear, so I always slip it into my handbag if it's what I'll be carrying.

Several companies are producing trendy, high-quality bags that double as good holsters, so you won't have to sacrifice fashion for self defense. Many feature adjustable and removable holsters built right in as well as trigger guards and separate neoprene compartments. Check out The Well Armed Woman for several options to conceal your carry gun.