Gun Accessories For Women

The Best Gun Accessories for Women

These products make it easier for women to carry a defensive firearm.

One of the biggest issues women have faced as more and more become gun owners and embrace concealed carry and self defense is the fact that, unlike a lot of men's clothes, women's clothing isn't particularly suited for carrying, or hiding, a gun holster.

Over the past few years, a number of innovative CCW solutions (many of them produced by women-owned and operated companies like Gun Tote'N Mamas) have hit the market, making it easier for women to comfortably and securely carry a defensive handgun, and most importantly, deploy it when its needed most.

Some even allow for the discreet carry of spare ammo as well, without sacrificing fashion or trying to deal with gear designed for a man's body.

The Well Armed Woman offers a number of gun accessories for women in its online store.

Here are a few types of concealed carry gun accessories for women that make concealed carrying a lot easier:

Belly Bands

These are elastic bands that are worn just above the waist designed to carry a handgun in a holster, spare ammunition, and even addition accessories. These have the benefit of working with practically any type of pants, skirt, and shirt combination, though particular attention must be paid to the shirt to ensure the holster can be accessed easily and quickly.

The Waistband Holster 

This is similar to a belly band, but more minimalistic and typically positioned with the bottom half of the elastic belt tucked into the waistband. They allow for IWB carry with a variety of pants and shorts, as they do not require a gun belt.

Concealed Carry Corsets

CCW corsets function much in the same way as belly bands, only they are built on a more rigid corset undergarment rather than an elastic band. They come in a number of styles and configurations.

Concealed Carry Purses

For those comfortable with off-the-body carry, purses designed for concealed carry are a great option. They will typically include a dedicated CCW compartment in which a holster can be positioned as designed so a gun can be safely and securely carried in the bag, and quickly and positively accessed. On some bags, this CCW compartment will have lockable zippers for added security. Check out the CCW purses made by GunGoddess.

Concealed Carry Leggings

These leggings are designed to be worn as workout gear or beneath winter clothing. They typically have integrated holster and magazine pockets in the waist that allow for the carry of a small handgun and spare mags without holsters or a belt.


During the winter months, when big heavy coats are the daily outerwear, concealed carry becomes easier for everyone, but a coat designed for carriers makes things even easier. Those long coats keep you warm, but they may also make it difficult to access an IWB handgun. Outerwear designed for concealed carriers includes things like pass through pockets, zip-open panels, and even holster platforms built right into the coats.

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