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3 Best Hiking Baby Carriers

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Outdoor adventures don't have to end when you become a parent.

Getting outdoors is important to all of us, but when you welcome your own little bundle of joy to the world, finding time and doing it stress-free can become a bit of work. We set out to help those new parents who want to continue hiking and enjoying the great outdoors, but now have an extra human to care for. Including them at an early age is paramount to developing their own love and respect for nature and wildlife, so any tips and suggestions we can make in the gear department should ideally help out. These are some of the best baby carriers for hiking with your little one in tow.

Keep in mind that these carriers don't only have to be used for hiking — use them for trips to the amusement park, mall, a sporting event, or even when you're grocery shopping and want to keep your baby extra close. These carriers give you peace of mind wherever you go. Another major perk is that you don't have to replace them often. With higher weight capacities, you'll be able to use them for 2-3 years. Once your baby is a toddler, you can shop around for child carriers.

 1. A Carrier Baby Can Use for a Few Years

Osprey Poco Plus - Osprey, $370

This child carrier from backpacking brand Osprey offers a comfy fit for both kids and parents with its Fit-on-the-Fly hipbelt, adjustable torso length, and removable foot stirrups. It features mesh pockets, a zippered compartment, and external hydration sleeve for stowing all the essentials. A washable drool pad, toy attachment loops, and integrated sunshade will keep baby safe and happy. With a $370 price tag, it weighs in just under 8 pounds and is available in blue or black. A raincover is sold separately for $28.

2. A Quality Carrier for Infants

OMNI 360 BABY CARRIER - MESH - Ergobaby, $179

The Omni 360 carrier is the perfect option for newborn babies who love being close to Mom or Dad. There are plenty of ways to carry baby — front facing in for newborns and facing out for babies around five-months old. Once babies reach 6 months or older, you'll likely feel more comfortable wearing the carrier as a backpack or hip carrier. It's a great pick to use until your child needs a toddler carrier. Overall, it's super comfy too. It's breathable and lightweight, so no matter how warm it is outside, you'll stay comfy with a baby on your hip or back! Parents say there's no pain in your back or shoulders, and that their babies feel super lightweight in their carriers.

3. A Shoulder Carrier (So Baby Has a View)

Baby Shoulder Carrier Baby Hiking Backpack Carrier - Amazon, $129.99 

Here's a fantastic carrier for kids between six months and three years. At six months, babies aren't walking quite yet, but that doesn't mean the outdoors doesn't pique their interest. Give your baby a wonderful view of your hike by sitting them on your shoulders. Parents can have a hands-free hike while their baby sits comfortably and safely in this backpack carrier. It has a sturdy metal frame and has many safety specs, like buckles and double ankle straps for extra carry protection. Baby will be nice and safe! It is also made of breathable material to keep parents cool. Parents can adjust the waist belt to reduce weight on the shoulders. This is perfect for longer hikes.

With a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds, you can use this carrier for a couple years.