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YouTube: TheFieldArcher

Bowhunter Makes Perfect Heart Shot on Doe

There's nothing better than a heart kill shot that ends like the one in this video.

A heart kill shot is one of the most effective ways to down a deer or an elk, and this video is a perfect example of a well-placed archery shot.

When you're deer hunting, shot placement is one of the biggest things to understand and master. Hitting vital organs is a must.

Watch this clip that features a hunter who perfectly nails a deer with a heart shot.

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That heart kill shot was very accurate and it downed the deer in no time. As you saw, after the shot connected, the deer could only jump and run for a little while before succumbing to the arrow's damage.

A shot in the shoulder blade or front leg just won't do; you've got to know where to put an arrow and be confident in your abilities to put one there. Though a lung shot or neck shot can put a deer down pretty quickly, a heart shot is quite possibly the best way to go. It's a small target, but it makes for a clean kill.

This bowhunter made a humane kill by hitting the best place you can: the ticker. It was a mostly-broadside shot that hit the number one vital area.

Did you notice all the blood in the slow-mo replay? If not, watch it again and notice how the blood pours out of the wound. That's some serious blood loss!

Big-game animals are almost always going to succumb to those kinds of impacts, and you can avoid having to experience a slow death for a wounded deer. Years of hunting deer can help get you closer to the compound bow confidence needed to give your harvests a quick death.

Now that you've seen the perfect heart kill shot, it's time to get out there and claim your own this year!