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4 Awesome Deer Hunting Products You Need Before the Late Season

deer hunting products

These deer hunting products could be your saving grace in harvesting a deer this year.

As we roll into the late season, it's starting to become do-or-die for those of us who still haven't had a shot at that big buck yet.

On one hand, this season isn't over yet, so there's still time. On the other, whatever you're doing hasn't worked up to this point. So, perhaps it's time to up your game.

Fortunately for you, we decided to put together mid-season list of products that'll give you the edge you need. We even went as far as testing each product, and can confidently vouch for each one's effectiveness and dollar value.

With that said, let's jump into these.

Moultrie M-50i

deer hunting products

Any serious deer hunter out there will tell you a game camera is the most effective tool in managing and harvesting deer. There's no better way to track a deer's movements than with a trail camera, but the number of options can be overwhelming.

If you're in the market for a trail camera but don't know where to start, this is a fantastic option.

deer hunting products

The Moultrie M-50i stands apart from other game cameras in a number of ways, but it really comes down to the price point for the quality of the camera you're getting. Listed at $159.99, this camera features 20-megapixel resolution and an Illumi-Night 2 Sensor for clear, bright nighttime images. It also boasts a .3-second trigger speed and INVISIBLE infrared LED technology, which gives it an 80-foot flash range.

But, what's maybe the best part of this camera is the backlit controls. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to set up a trail camera in the dark when the buttons don't light up. And, there probably isn't a hunter out there who hasn't found themselves in that predicament before, as so many trail cameras lack this feature.

deer hunting products

As you can see from these photos, the M-50i captures exceptionally clear images.

deer hunting products

The M-50i is also compatible with Moultrie Mobile, which allows hunters to receive images at home and simply view them on their smartphones.

Code Blue D/Code Unscented Field Spray

Scent control is paramount when it comes to deer hunting. Perhaps the reason you haven't seen that big wall-hanger is because your scent is giving you away. If you're looking to take the extra precaution, the Code Blue D/Code is a great way to go.

It gets rid of odor-causing bacteria, and ultimately takes wind direction out of the equation.

Just spray down your clothes and gear and you're all set!

The 12-ounce Code Blue D/Code Field Spray is listed at $6.99.

Moultrie Bag Feeder

deer hunting products

Two things to consider here. First, baiting isn't legal in every state, so check your regulations before going this route. Second, not everyone has the ability to set up a big tripod feeder. It's not really practical if you're hunting public land. However, this offers all you public-land hunters a new angle.

deer hunting products

Not only is the Moultrie Bag Feeder easy to roll up and stick in your pack, but it holds up to 100-pounds of feed. So, stick the feeder in your pack and throw a bag of feed over your shoulder and hit your secret spot, fill it up and you're good to go!

deer hunting products

Also, the best part of having a bag as opposed to a tripod feeder is the lack of batteries. This feeder is gravity-fed, so you'll never have to buy batteries again!

This feeder is currently listed at $24.99.

Code Blue Grave Digger Doe Estrous

deer hunting products
Code Blue

The Grave Digger uses Code Blue's "From One Deer to One Bottle" doe estrous formula in a potent soil. Rub this stuff on some buck scrapes or near a food source, and you'll make it too hard for nearby bucks to resist.

What makes it even better is the fact the scent will last up to 30 days.

The 12-ounce Grave Digger Doe Estrous currently sits around $14.99.



4 Awesome Deer Hunting Products You Need Before the Late Season