best duck hunting backpacks
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6 Best Duck Hunting Backpacks

No one puts as much wear and tear on their gear quite like duck hunters. They do everything from wading in swampy waters, to hiking through the thickest brush you've ever seen, all while carrying loads of gear and equipment on their back, it's no wonder they're constantly needing to replace their gear. Admittedly, I fall into this category. It seemed like no matter how careful I tried to be, most of my gear couldn't make it through one whole duck season, and that can be brutal on your bank account.

One piece of gear that seems to take some of the biggest beatings is ironically one of the most important pieces of gear for a waterfowler: their backpack. A duck hunter's pack should keep most of the essentials organized throughout the entire hunt. From ammo, to choke tubes, to duck calls, and possibly most important, the coffee thermos. I'd be lost without a good pack, but season after season I was needing to buy a new hunting pack because my current one couldn't live up to the job. Instead of settling for some knockoff pack with cheap materials, I decided to do some research and test out some different packs for different situations.

Whether it be for flooded timber, field hunting, layouts, I wanted to not break my budget and benefit from some added technical features. I was able to narrow down my top six choices for duck hunting packs, some of which I have used for several seasons and have been astonished by their durability. Others I have used for only one season but couldn't be more impressed with their versatility and design. Here are six duck hunting backpacks that have changed the way I hunt waterfowl.

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Rig'Em Right Lowdown Pack

best duck hunting backpacks

Rig'Em Right

Rig'Em Right has become a lead name in the waterfowl gear market, and their innovation seems to get stronger every year. No exception was made for the Lowdown Backpack, which is one of the most durable waterfowl packs on the market today. This bag has full foam flotation throughout, a molded EVA bottom, and daisy chains for easy decoy anchor clip attachments. One of the greatest features of this pack is that it can double as a travel bag with its large internal laptop pocket.

SITKA Full Choke

Someone looking for a versatile pack for the refuge, timber and blind hunts, the Full Choke by SITKA Gear will stand out as one of the best. Although not fully "waterproof," the RF welded bottom and sides, as well as the TPU-coated 450D polyester textile, allows this pack to take no shortcuts when it comes to protecting your gear. What separates this pack from the rest is its pocket design, allowing for maximum storage for shells, chokes, calls, and even additional layers. While carrying everything you need for a long hunt, this pack is surprisingly comfortable. No more cluttered blinds or feeling unorganized in the timber.

YETI Panga Backpack

Although designed with the angler and hiker in mind, the 28 liter Panga Backpack by YETI has become a waterfowler's favorite. Based on the design and innovation of the Panga duffel, it features YETI's ThickSkin shell, which is essentially extremely thick nylon and TPU lamination, making this bag seems bulletproof compared to others. YETI's DryHaul straps make this pack very comfortable for how tough and rugged its materials are. The interior storage design is rather simple, but oftentimes that's a good thing as long as the room is there. Like most YETI products, this pack is designed to be compatible with several other YETI accessories such as bottle slings, gear cases, and more. With a retail price of $300, this pack is at a much higher price point than most hunting packs, but after testing it, it's easy to see why it is priced that way.

First Lite Ground Control Pack

After years of begging, fans of MeatEater's hunting apparel brand First Lite finally got their wish of the company transitioning into the waterfowl space. With the launch of the new camo pattern Typha, as well as new pursuit-oriented products, a company that was once solely backed by western hunters has now become a popular name for waterfowlers. Their recent debut of the Ground Control pack keeps the technical focus from First Lite that we all love, as well as combining it with some key features that waterfowl hunters desire. This pack is constructed of a durable 600D fabric, while also having a TPU double-side coating. This pack can have multiple configurations with its stowable straps, external panel platforms, and an internal divider system, making it highly versatile. That's always a plus for duck hunters.

Filson Dry Bag

Filson is known for creating some of the toughest and most dependable gear on the market for over 100 years. I'll have to admit, when I first saw the $325 price tag on this pack, I was taken back. However, after using it on several hunts, the dollar amount didn't hurt so bad once I realized just how tough it really is. The 900D polyester tarpaulin fabric with the TPU coating prevented any water from getting in, even after being completely submerged in a swamp on one of my hunts. The technical features of this bag are as great as you would expect from Filson. It includes breathable shoulder straps, nylon grab handles, an exterior clear zippered front pocket, as well as interior mesh pockets. Plus there's a nice added touch of a hip belt with elastic shotgun shell loops. This pack was meant for hauling heavy gear into the marsh without any worry of getting wet.

Drake Waterfowl Systems Daypack

Drake has become a well known name in the whitetail and waterfowl space, notable for their comfortable and versatile apparel, as well as the functional designs of their packs. Sometimes the durability and waterproof features of a dry pack leave out the convenience and comfortability that you'll get from a daypack, but this one is made of Drake's rugged HD2 material with padded backing. Within this pack are two extremely spacious compartments with additional side pockets. With a reservoir pouch making it hydration compatible, this pack is versatile enough to bring on a hiking trip, a day fishing on the lake, or right into the duck blind.

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