First Lite Waterfowl
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First Lite Waterfowl Apparel Launches Along With MeatEater's Push for More Ducks and Geese

First Lite and its parent company MeatEater have dedicated new gear and content to waterfowl as we move into 2022.

The reputation built by First Lite through reliable, effective hunting apparel is taking a logical pathway towards waterfowl with a debuting line of apparel and a new camo pattern.

On the heels of that announcement, MeatEater, the outdoor lifestyle company, has revealed their intentions of expanding content creation in the waterfowl space with three dedicated video series to debut this year.

The new First Lite waterfowl collection will include a selection of gear designed and developed for duck, goose, and crane hunters. You can expect the typical patented base layers, plus outerwear like hunting jackets, hunting pants, and hunting gear accessories that have helped put First Lite on the map, as well as a proprietary waterfowl camo pattern they're calling "Typha."

Typha is in reference to the genus of wetland plants that includes reeds, cattails, and bulrush. Any duck hunter will be familiar with typha, even if they don't know the word, as they're often used for cover and makeshift blinds for ducks and geese.

As the brand puts it, "Typha allows the wearer to disappear into waterfowl habitat and maximize concealment in the marsh."

First Lite Waterfowl

First Lite

The new waterfowl hunting offerings and the Typha camo pattern will be available for purchase from First Lite in Summer 2022, in plenty of time for next duck hunting season.

"Since its inception, First Lite has endeavored to bring the highest quality apparel to market, utilizing the most advanced fabrics and construction in the outdoor industry. We have been extremely successful in doing just that with whitetail as well as western big game, and waterfowl is the natural extension of our expertise," said Ross Copperman, MeatEater Chief Commerce Officer. "With the design and development of waterfowl-specific products and the Typha pattern, we are setting up 2022 to be the year that First Lite brings innovation to a category that has been waiting for meaningful improvement for a very long time."

Waterfowl hunters from across the continent will also be pleased to learn about the enhanced and expanded MeatEater content that will emerge this year, including video series that will be featured on the brand's website and YouTube Channel. The three series are as follows:

  • Duck Lore, featuring MeatEater's resident waterfowl expert Sean Weaver, which will follow Sean and other members of the MeatEater crew as they chase waterfowl across 12 states
  • Season 2 of Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois' Duck Camp Dinners, which explores the intersection between the history of traditional duck camps in Southern Louisiana and the food cooked in them
  • Duckmade, an original series featuring First Lite staff that chronicles the journey of First Lite's lifelong waterfowlers as they hunt from the Pacific to the Atlantic flyways

Of course, MeatEater founder and Chief Creative Officer Steven Rinella is excited about the development, as the brand stretches its legs into a seriously trending outdoor discipline.

"Waterfowl hunting is a riot-truly some of the most fun you can legally have-and we're excited to be expanding into this growing category in such a meaningful way this year," said Rinella. "I sure as hell have learned a lot about shooting and cooking ducks and geese from Sean, Jean-Paul, and our other resident waterfowl experts and know the MeatEater audience will, too."

Be sure to keep an eye out for more news regarding the First Lite waterfowl collection, and prepare yourself for some late season, cold weather hunts in what promises to be trustworthy duck and goose hunting gear.