Pooper Scoopers: The Unique Dog Owner Tool Homeowners Need

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Are you searching for the best dog pooper scooper? Pets. We love them. But if you have to pick up dog waste or clean up after your cat, you know that poo just seems kinda taboo to talk about. Dog owners everywhere can be seen scooping up pet waste into a dog poop bag or plastic grocery bags, especially when they are out wandering in public areas.

Responsible pet owners should always do the right thing and ensure waste removal after their pooch relieves themselves. At home, it's an entirely different story. Pet poop can get overwhelming if you aren't diligent in cleaning up kennels, hard surfaces, dog runs, and the grass after your dog takes care of business.

Why You Need One of the Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

Try as you might, there aren't too many hands-free ways to remove pet waste. You'll need a high-quality, long handle pet pooper scooper, perhaps a plastic rake, and a waste bag. Especially one with a large capacity if you have a multi-pet household and you've been slacking on the job. (We're not judging.)

A pooper scooper set is a necessary investment for waste pick up. And there are no shortcuts around it. These are our Amazon top pick waste scoopers. They're heavy-duty, sturdy, offer durability, and clean up all those unsightly and smelly messes our beloved four paw pets make.

If you're gonna own a pet and have a yard to maintain, the complete poo essentials are a must for you. Especially those that provide easy storage. Because you don't want to show off the best dog pooper scooper during backyard barbecues, do you?

1. Nature's Miracle Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop for Pet Waste Pick Up 

Nature's Miracle Jaw Scoop takes a serious bite out of unsightly pet waste crimes. This heavy-duty, nonstick jaw scoop removes pet waste from hard surfaces, including concrete and gravel. It's lightweight and simple in design, providing an easy storage solution. Dog waste clean-up will be a breeze for dog owners.

2. Bodhi Dog Extra Large Foldable Pooper Scooper | 32" Long Handle Portable Pooper Scooper | for Small and Large Dogs | Made with Premium Durable Materials

The Bodhi is a jumbo, large-capacity poop scoop with an ergonomic handle design. No more bending and hurting your back to clean up pet waste. The folding scoops means easy storage when the pet poop is all removed. The ease of use makes this the best pooper scooper for dog owners who don't want to strain their back when they pick up dog poo. Available on Amazon for just $22.00.

If you want a long-handle poop scoop that's high quality to boot, the Bodhi dog is a pet owner's favorite.

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