3 of the Best Cat Calming Treats for Anxious Pets: Chew & Liquid Options

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When you think of cats, lots of things come to mind: they're curious, playful, and mischievous. But when a cat is anxious or stressed, they can exhibit behaviors that are unlike them — like scratching furniture, excessive meowing, or aggressive behavior towards you or other animals. There are also various situations that may disrupt your cat's usual environment and may also lead to stress such as travel, vet visits, thunderstorms, or even separation anxiety. Luckily, all of these behaviors may be helped by cat calming treats, and there are plenty of reasons to keep some of the best cat calming treats in your kitchen.

Many calming supplements are made with natural ingredients and are affordable. Cats that love treat time will enjoy the taste of the calming chews, and you'll love that they calm down and relax without falling asleep or acting differently. If you aren't sure if anxiety relief supplements are for your cat, you can consult with your vet for advice — especially if you suspect your cat's abnormal behavior isn't just related to stress or separation anxiety. Here are our top picks for cat calming treats:

1. Best Soft Chew Option

Pet Naturals Calming Chews for Cats - Amazon, $7.25

Soft chews are great supplements for cats that can't resist treat time. If your feline friend expects treats daily, you can swap out their normal treat with soft chews. Just be sure it's a flavor your cat will devour! There are so many to choose from, but we love Pet Naturals Calming Chews. Their chews are wheat-, corn-, and artificial-ingredient free, which is great for cats with sensitive tummies. The blend consists of hiamine, C3 (colostrum calming complex) and L-Theanine to promote a relaxed feeling for stressed cats. Your cat's body already contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps the body produce dopamine, GABA and tryptophan. With the addition of Theanine, cats will feel calm and happy.

The chicken liver flavor is a hit with cats, so getting your cat to eat their calming chews should be no problem! It begins working within 30 minutes, lasts up to four hours, and has no side effects.

2. Best Gel Option

Licks Pill Free Calming Aid - Amazon, $29.99

If your cat is picky with treats, try this gel option. There are three ways to administer the treats — in pet bowls, in their mouths, or on paws. If placed on their paws, cats can lick the gel. It also contains L-Theanine, so your cat will experience a calmer state of mind around 30 minutes after consuming this gel. It's made from 50+ all natural ingredients, including omega- 3 fish oil, vitamin C, and calcium. With 100% all-natural roasted chicken flavoring, felines will find this new treat exciting and delicious. It's also made-in-the-USA from 100% human ingredients.

3. Best Hemp Oil

Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats - Pet Hemp Oil Corndog Flavor - Amazon, $49.95

Hemp oil is loved by pet owners everywhere. Many pet parents opt for tinctures to drop in food bowls to be inconspicuous. We like this brand because it tastes like corndogs. Yep, corndogs! Whether your cat or dog has separation anxiety, you can use this as an oral, food, or topical remedy to calm your pet down. The USDA-certified organic hemp brand is the first of its kind to receive USDA organic hemp certification from Kentucky. This quality calming oil is non-GMO and free of additives, preservatives, synthetic ingredients, gluten, and diary, too.

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