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The Best Camping Memberships for RVs and Tents

Memberships to a campground can save you a ton of money—and these are the ones worth buying.

In 2023, we're all no stranger to annual subscriptions. If you love to camp—especially at a campground—you should consider adding a camping membership to your list, as it can save you money especially with an RV.

What Is a Camping Membership?

Camping memberships are designed so that instead of paying a nightly camping fee at a campground, you instead pay a member fee (usually annually) for access to the campground or network of campgrounds.

(Note: If you mostly camp in national parks or on Bureau of Land Management property, these memberships probably aren't for you.)

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Some memberships are only for RVers, and some are open to different kinds of campers such tent campers or pop-up campers. Think of your camping membership as a season pass to an amusement park—pay once and use it throughout the season. Some also come with fun perks, like tickets or discounts to nearby attractions such as golf courses, breweries, wineries, and more.

What Comes with a Camping Membership?

Not all camping membership clubs are created equal. There are several different types of memberships, including reciprocal camping memberships, campground system memberships, discounted camping clubs, and rewards memberships. There are a few key differences among these:

  • A reciprocal camping membership requires the user to first be a member of one of the affiliated resorts or campgrounds. Fees are typically lower because of the prior buy-in.
  • Campground system memberships offer a network of RV resorts and campgrounds under one umbrella, such as Thousand Trails, so these types of memberships typically cost more.
  • Discounted camping clubs are similar in that they feature a network of campsites and RV parks; but instead of the membership fee covering the stay, campers receive a discounted rate.
  • A rewards membership is usually free or low cost and offers certain rewards, such as points to redeem at the campground network it's affiliated with.

Of course, buying into a campground membership should have a bottom-line benefit to your budget; so, before shelling out that hard-earned money for a camping club, do a little research. Usually, the higher the fee for the membership, the more perks it comes with, although some also have restrictions and hidden fees.

The Best Membership Options for Every Type of Camper

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