man in camo spring turkey hunting
Mossy Oak

The Best Camo for Spring Turkey Hunting

You may think they're just birdbrains, but wild turkeys actually see three to four times better than human beings. What's more, they can see color as well. Their eyes not only detect a human's slightest movement, but they see it in a vivid, three-dimensional perspective just like we do.

So, while camouflage is always crucial in hunting, for spring turkey hunting, it's extra important to don the right type.

One camo deemed perfect for a certain environment or hunting style could be totally useless in another. The best camo pattern is going to depend on your surroundings.

Determining the Best Turkey Hunting Camo

Good turkey camouflage needs to be right for the environmental and weather condition. First, you need to know whether there's budding green colors among the spring changes where you're headed. As green emerges, is your camo choice reflecting that?

Then, consider what kind of layers you'll need—base layers, warm jackets, or spring light longsleeves?

Other considerations for turkey season include a turkey vest, camo facemask decoys, and a good call. But for continued success in the field, the best turkey camouflage pattern for your needs will ensure you're seeing success each and every turkey hunting season.

And when you're wearing the right camo, it can all come together for an unforgettable hunting season. There are so many good camo companies to choose from, but here we're focusing on two of the leading brands, Mossy Oak and Realtree, which have stood the test of time—not to mention a wild turkey's eyesight.

Mossy Oak Bottomland

Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern
Perhaps Mossy Oak's best representation comes from the turkey hunting community in the southeastern U.S., where Bottomland is still worn and revered consistently, year after year. This is where it all started for the Mossy Oak brand, with its natural bark elements and color tones that blend in seamlessly.

However, Bottomland has quickly become a staple across the camouflage market, worn as frequently with casual wear as it is in the woods. Outdoorsmen of all kinds seem to really appreciate the aesthetic this pattern has to offer, and hunters find it to be a strong cross-purpose option for when they need one pattern to get the job done in a variety of environments.

Mossy Oak Greenleaf

Greenleaf is a classic pattern that is ready made for spring turkey hunting with just the right amount of green and brown to cover you up. Honestly, Mossy Oak's Break-Up, Break-Up Country, and Infinity patterns conceal incredibly well, but are just a bit lacking in the green department for spring gobbler hunting.

This pattern, however, does a fine job of incorporating each of those concepts and giving it just enough spring pop for when those gobblers begin strutting.

Realtree Hardwoods Green HD Camo

This super-realistic camouflage pattern is effective and versatile wherever green is visible, and that certainly means the spring turkey season in the woods. Hunters seem to be hit or miss on the high-definition camo concepts, but there's a reason this particular pattern has made such an impact on the industry.

Additionally, if there would ever be a time you'd want your camo pattern to be as realistic as possible, it would be when you're chasing after those keen-eyed gobblers.

Realtree Xtra Green Camo

For the serious bowhunter who doesn't put away the archery gear just because it's turkey hunting time, this excellent pattern will keep you out of the turkey's eyesight long enough to raise up, pull back, and lose an arrow.

As you can see from the photo above, this particular pattern does great when a hunter is up against a tree, which is great news for all of those bowhunters who enjoy hunting from the ground.

Realtree Original Camo

For many hunters, this is where it all began in the spring. We knew our spot, scouted our bird, and were wearing this vaunted pattern when we took a bird.

Other good patterns include Realtree APG, Advantage Timber, and Advantage Classic since they have a lot of the green and brown mixes that bowhunters know and love.