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The 5 Best Blaze Orange Hunting Jackets for Deer Season

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When you're out hunting, nothing is more important than the safety of you and the hunters around you, and one of the best ways to be safe is to wear a blaze orange jacket that makes you more visible to fellow hunters. When hunting with rifles or shotguns, wearing blaze orange will help you remain in clear sight so your peers can see you clearly and don't accidentally mistake you for prey. In fact, some states legally require you wear a certain amount of blaze orange when hunting certain game in certain locations, so check your state website for specific laws. Some places have strict verbiage around a hunter's orange apparel, and you may need to be covered in as much as 50% of the bright color, or reach a certain square-inch total. In addition, the color can't be faded, so you may need to replace your apparel every few seasons. All things considered, a blaze orange jacket remains one of our favorite choices, as it keeps you warm and provides a lot of coverage with one single item of clothing. And don't worry about it affecting your game: not only will the best blaze orange jacket keep you comfortable and safe, but deer and other ungulates only see a muted color, so you won't scare them away. We rounded up our favorites below:

1. The Best Parka-Style Coat


Gamehide Deerhunter Parka (M-4X) - Amazon, $109.00

This parka by Gamehide checks off a lot of our boxes: it's fairly affordable, it comes in a large range of sizes, it has a removable hood, and it's insulated for extra warmth. It's weather-resistant enough to fend off light rain or snow, and has large cargo-style pockets to store everything you need while keeping your hands warm. It's even made from burr-resistant fabric, and is designed to fit loose so you can easily layer items underneath it.

2. The Best Sweatshirt Jacket


WFS Men's Thermal-Lined Fleece Sweatshirt (M-2X) - Amazon, $24.99

If sweatshirts are more your speed—or you're just looking for a more affordable option—check out this thermal fleece-lined option from WFS. It's comfortable, machine-washable, and will keep you warm without being too bulky. It's a great layering piece if you're hunting in an area that has some temperature fluctuations, and it is moisture-wicking and breathable while still staying wind and water resistant.

3. The Best Softshell Jacket


SITKA Jetstream Jacket (M-3X) - Sitka, $379.00

When wind and rain become the biggest obstacles during your hunt, this SITKA Jetstream Jacket is well worth the price. It's made with GORE-TEX fabric that makes this unbeatable against wind and rain, and it has a cozy fleece interior while still remaining breathable. It has zippered hand and chest pockets, and the water-repellant fabric on the outer shell allows for light precipitation to roll right off and prevent you from getting weighed down. It's even made from recycled fabrics. SITKA is one of our staff favorites and for good reason. Our editor in chief Eric Pickhartz has gotten to try out the Jetstream, and loves the numerous capabilities packed into such a lightweight piece of apparel.

5. The Best Reversible Option


RedHead Reversible Blaze Jacket for Men (S-2X) - Cabela's, $49.00

Why buy two different hunting jackets this season when you can buy one reversible option that allows for both? This RedHead jacket has blaze orange on one side and camo on the other, so it's perfect if your state laws only require you to wear orange for certain types of hunting. It's lightweight, it has warm pockets for your hands, and is machine-washable.

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