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5 Best Blaze Orange Jackets for Under $100

The Wide Open Spaces team searched the Internet for the best blaze orange jackets for under $100, so you can be seen, stay warm, and save some money.

Walls Legend II Insulated Jacket

The Walls Legend II will cut the icy winds with 6-oz polyester fiberfill insulation and includes a waterproof laminate underneath the polyester shell. The front pockets double as hand warmers (no really, the 2-way pockets have snap flaps and will keep your digits perfectly warm and ready to pull the trigger), and the 3-piece hood can be tightened with the drawstring. This jacket is the ideal combo of warmth, visibility and durability, and it won't leave you too broke to buy ammo.

Blaze-Walls-LegendPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Gamehide Naked North Parka

Gamehide is fooling you with the name of this jacket; you probably could go naked underneath this parka and still be warm enough to sit in your stand for several hours. It will keep you warm but isn't bulky, and even better, has features that keep it silent when moving through the field. There's nothing worse than scaring away a deer with the whoosh-whoosh of your jacket sleeves. The "Blaze Camo" color scheme incorporates a design into the orange background, further protecting the wearer from detection.

Blaze-GamehidePhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Under Armour Performance 1/4 Zip Fleece

On the lighter side of things, Under Armour has produced the 1/4 Zip Fleece with hunters in mind, and while it might not protect you from sub-zero temps, it's perfect for a both cold morning and a warmer afternoon. Though you wouldn't suspect it, Under Armour's fleece is actually highly water resistant, thanks to innovative UA Storm technology. And if silence is a big worry, look no further. This jacket swears by its silent construction.

Blaze-UA-Zipped-FleecePhoto via Under Armour

RedHead Mountain Stalker Elite Four-Way Trophy Jacket with Liner

The 100% waterproof and breathable microtricot camo shell on the Mountain Stalker Elite from RedHead is unbeatable, but doesn't have the quiet features of other jackets. That's outweighed by the 200 gram ThermoLite insulation and the fantastic fit on just about any frame. It comes in as the most expensive jacket on this list, but features a removable liner with zippered sleeves that allow it to convert into a vest.


Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Huntworth Microfiber Blaze Camo Jacket and Bibs Combo

Amazingly, we were able to fit a jacket and bibs combo for just under $100 to round out the best reasonably priced blaze orange jackets available. These Huntworth items are quiet and comfortable, and said to last for years thanks to quality durable construction. We can't speak to the longevity, but it certainly seems like this jacket will hold up across several hunting seasons. The liner has anti-pilling fleece and the shell includes a water repellent finish and polyurethane coating.

Blaze-HuntworthPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

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5 Best Blaze Orange Jackets for Under $100