Beretta BRX1

Beretta Set to Enter Hunting Rifle Market With All-New Straight Pull BRX1

Beretta enters the world of hunting rifles with their new BRX1.

Just like last year, 2021 has been a strange year. One thing we did not have on our 2021 bingo card was Beretta entering the hunting rifle market with a straight pull bolt-action rifle. The company is usually better known for their sporting rifles, shotguns, and of course, handguns.

It seems Beretta has gone all-out on this new hunting rifle though, submitting it to a battery of extreme torture tests to make it stand up the elements as well as it shoots.

In addition to the benefits of a speedy-shooting straight pull rifle system, the new Beretta BRX1 has a unique look that is wholly its own. Here are all the details on this interesting new rifle.

Specs of the Beretta BRX1

It looks like Beretta is starting this new rifle out with some of the standard expected calibers. Chamberings will include .300 Win Mag, .30-06 Springfield, and .308 Winchester to start. We are suspecting they will probably offer other popular calibers down the line. The weight for these guns will come in at a little over seven pounds unloaded. Lengths for the M14, cold hammer forged, interchangeable barrels will vary between 20 inches and 24 inches depending on the chambering, with magnum calibers like the .300 Win Mag getting the 24-inch barrels.

One nice feature is the barrels are threaded straight from the factory. The first Beretta hunting rifles have a single stage adjustable trigger where you can quickly adjust the pull weight between two and three pounds. These rifles are also fitted with a three-position, thumb-operated safety system. They built the middle position to open the bolt for safe loading and unloading.

These rifles are fed via 5-round detachable magazines which the company made of orange polymer for extra visibility. Should prove handy for loading and unloading as darkness is lifting or approaching after each hunt. These rifles come fitted with a picatinny rail for mounting optics.

Speedy cycling and Ergonomics.

Beretta seems to be borrowing heavily from their sporting rifles with this design. Most models will have a locking system with an 8-lug rotating bolt head with extraction claw and ejection system. The magnum calibers will have a 16-lug bolt head. Of course, the big selling feature of Beretta's first straight pull rifle is probably going to be just how quickly this rifle cycles. The video peeks they have given so far show just how speedy the BRXI linear reloading system is. Just two movements forward and back cycle in a fresh round much faster than the multiple movements of a traditional bolt-action.

One nice feature we can appreciate right off the bat is the fact the rifle is fully ambidextrous thanks to the modular bolt handle system. Beretta designed the rifle to make quick swaps of the bolt handle from right hand to left hand without using any tools in only a couple minutes.

Beretta strategically placed the bolt handle to be close to the trigger which is going to make it easier to reach up and rack in the next round without unshouldering the rifle. This will allow for faster follow-up shots and an overall more comfortable shooting experience. Adding to the ergonomics of this rifle, the length of pull (lop) is fully adjustable. Just add or remove spacers between the polymer stock and Extralight recoil pad to get a more comfortable fit that better suits your frame.

The Beretta BRX1 is already available in Europe. No word on when it might be coming to the U.S. yet. However, considering the success of other recent straight pull rifles in the U.S. market, we are assuming it will be coming soon. See the Beretta website for more information. 

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