Beretta Ultraleggero

Beretta Unveils 'Ultraleggero,' a New Ultra Light Over and Under Hunting Shotgun

The new Beretta Ultraleggero is amazingly light for a hunting shotgun.

During a long day of bird hunting or skeet shooting, you may be walking and carrying your firearm for hours. Which is why so many hunters are looking for the lightest over-and-under shotguns they can find. It can be a delicate balancing act to find a firearm that is both light and reliable. It seems a new Beretta shotgun looks to change all that.

Under the slogan "The impossible made possible," Beretta has recently unveiled what they claim is the lightest steel shotgun for hunting ever designed. This new shotgun has some interesting features that help it get down under the 6.5-pound mark without aftermarket add-ons.

Here is everything you need to know about the brand new Beretta Ultraleggero shotgun.

Beretta Ultraleggero

Getting any shotgun down to the six-pound mark is an incredible challenge. For the Ultraleggero, it seems that Beretta used every trick in the book to come up with an ultra light firearm perfect for a full day afield. Before we dive into the specs, we should mention how Beretta found a way to reduce the weight of this firearm. Beretta skeletonized the steel receiver, which is based on the popular Beretta 690 series of shotguns. According to the company's press release, this new receiver was carefully machined to remove all excess steel while keeping the reliability Beretta is known for.

The company is also lighter materials over much of the gun. The trigger guard is made of aluminum, as is much of the forend system. In the firearm's stock, Beretta increased the size of the cavity in the walnut stock, a move they say shaves another 129 grams, or 4.5 ounces off the weight.

Beretta also used an extralight recoil pad with this shotgun, which they say is up to 30 percent lighter than standard recoil pads. In a video press conference posted online, the Italian gunmaker's designers note that they set a goal of reducing 400 grams, or approximately 14 ounces of weight from the shotgun. A tall order for any new firearms design, but it seems they pulled it off. They used virtual prototyping to conduct extensive tests to see where pressures would be exerted on the gun's design before ever putting together a working model.

Specs of the Beretta Ultraleggero

Beretta is building the Ultraleggero with a three-inch chamber which they say will be able to handle lead, steel shot, and steel shot HP up to 56 grams of weight. The barrels are Beretta's signature Steelium Optima Bore HP barrels. These barrels do not have a side rib and are available in three different lengths between 61 and 76cms. The weight varies depending on barrel length, but the 61cm version is a trim and light gun just a hair over six pounds, making it a breeze to carry afield.

This new shotgun will make use of Optima-Choke HP choke tubes in 70mm lengths, although Beretta notes in their press materials that users have the option of using Paradox OCHP chokes too. Either way, you should get tight, quality patterns that will help you bring home more birds. No word on when you can expect to see this one hit gun shops just yet, or what the price will be, but a lighter bird hunting over and under should prove popular with many hunters.

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