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Believe Your Own Eyes: A Veritable Gang of Mountain Lions in One Spot

Think mountain lions are solitary creatures? Well, this pack of lions might have you rethinking that. Five (or is it EIGHT?) lions roaming together!

This trail camera footage is amazing. There appear to be five mountain lions roaming together in the first sequence. But wait, in the second sequence there are three additional lions. That makes for a grand total of eight - EIGHT - mountain lions grouped together.

No doubt about it, that is one formidable gang.

In the first scene there are five cougars: three in the foreground and two more far behind. You can just make out the fifth cat, to the right and far back in the distance.

Then the text reads "Did you get five? Well, you better add these on..."

And the trail camera picks up three additional lions. Their color or the darkness/lightness of their coats and their positions identify them as different cats than the first group. They must have been even further back than the initial five lions.

Eight mountain lions. My goodness! My guess is that this is a family group, or at least most of them are from a single family. Are there any lion hunters out there who have a good idea as to what this gang of eight might consist of?

Information on the big cats tells us that mothers can have up to six kittens. Could this be a mother and seven offspring? It would have been nice to have had some audio with this video, just to see if there was any communication between the cats.

This video was apparently taken at the end of December, 2016. But back in 2010 a Washington hunter took a photo of eight cougars in one spot with a trail camera. That rare photograph raised quite a stir as well. Image below:

I wonder what the deer population is like in this area?

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