Bear vs Skunk
YouTube: Timothy Pelletier

Bear Messes Around With the Wrong End of a Skunk With Predictable Results

Everyone knows you don't mess around with a skunk. Those who don't are bound to learn a harsh and rather smelly lesson otherwise. Apparently no one told the black bear in this video. Bears are very curious animals, and sometimes too curious for their own good if this encounter is anything to go from. A woman is filming a black bear in her backyard when the curious bruin spots an animal it has clearly never seen before. That animal just happens to be a skunk who is clearly not pleased to have a bear suddenly harassing it. As the woman films the skunk makes a couple quick charges at the bear, who refuses to back down or go away. This ends up being a very poor choice on the bear's part, because the skunk eventually decides it's had enough of the bear.

You can guess what happens next. In one quick movement the skunk whirls around and gives the bear a big spray. He scores a direct hit in the face that sends the bear scrambling running for the safety of the woods as quickly as possible while the skunk beats a hasty retreat out of the area.

That's not something you see every day. This is one of those scenes in nature that probably plays out more than we realize, we just rarely get to see it. We're guessing the bear will never try to play around with a skunk again after this incident. That skunk absolutely nailed the bruin with that shot. Bears have an extremely strong sense of smell too, so just imagine how much worse it is to get a shot of that scent right in the face.

It seems clear from the bear's appearance and naïve behavior in approaching the skunk that this was his first ever encounter with one of these smelly animals. The bear had no way of knowing what a nasty surprise was in store for him when he approached in an almost playful manner. This is a lesson learned the hard way.

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