Bear vs Pigs
YouTube: WTNH News8

Black Bear Raids Pig Pen and Immediately Regrets His Life Choices

Bruin gets more than he bargained for with two pot-bellied pigs.

We're finally starting to see the signs of spring, and it appears bears across the country are leaving their dens in search of food after a long winter hibernation.

Many of them are looking for an easy snack to get their strength and energy back up. Some, like this black bear in Connecticut, will find that easier said than done.

In a piece of stunning footage captured by a security camera near Milford, a wayward black bear spotted two large Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in a pen and decided to hop the low fence for a closer look. Presumably, because those are two rather large slabs of bacon that are just sitting there for the taking, right?

However, the bruin bit off more than he could chew when he enters the pen of "Mary and Hammy." It's a hilarious bit of video that just goes to show that you should never underestimate a pig.

The pig's owner, Rebecca Shaw, has a motion sensor that alerts her if anyone or anything is near the pig pen, but it didn't go off. She learned there was a bear in the yard from her husband and son. It wasn't until she reviewed the footage from the Ring camera that she realized what happened.

"That's when I realized my pigs can defend themselves," Shaw told NBC Connecticut. "I am very proud of them, Hammy, the little one especially. He's afraid of his own shadow"

Mary is the white pig who initially wrestled with the much larger bruin. Hammy is the darker pig that came charging out and sent the bear scrambling back over the fence. We just love how the confused bear looks back at the pen wondering what just happened. If bears can feel embarrassed, we'd imagine that's what this one is feeling at that moment. Shaw and her family believe the bruin was a youngster who likely didn't know any better when it comes to messing around with domestic animals.

Shaw plans to eventually invest in an electric fence to dissuade any further bear encounters. For now, her and her family plan to keep a closer eye on the pigpen for any more unwanted wild visitors.

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