Bear Raids Campsite
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Huge Bear Raids Campsite as People Watch From Their Tent

This is a prime example of what NOT to do while camping in bear country.

Summer is the prime time for camping, but it also the time of year that bears are going to be the most active. If you are planning a camping trip that takes you into bear country, one must be very aware of what they are doing to keep an overly curious bruin from raiding your campsite.

Because if a bear can smell food, not much is going to stop it from trying to get it. Human food that has not been properly safeguarded against bears causes more unwanted human and bear interactions than probably any other mistake you can make while camping.

Case in point this amazing footage filmed by some campers from the interior of their tent. This large bruin smells something good in that cooler and nothing is going to stop him from stealing it. The people in the tent and several bystanders can only watch in horror as the bear raids the cooler.

We do not know where this video was shot as the description does not give a location. It appears to be either a state or National Park from the looks of the campsite. Most notable is that large metal box in the background. That is a bear-proof box, and it is where these camper's food should have been stored.

To be fair, they could have just arrived, and the bear raided the camp before they could properly store it, but this video is a prime example of why it is so important to secure your food while camping. The National Park Service recommends storing all food, containers, stoves, garbage, and even eating utensils in these bear-proof lockers or vehicles.

In the backcountry, hang all food either from poles or at least 10 feet up a tree. If you go with the tree method, make sure to keep it at least four feet away from the trunk, because bears will not hesitate to go up after said food! The NPS also recommends sleeping at least 100 yards away from where you eat and store your food.

A little common sense goes a long way and helps prevent an unwanted surprise like a huge bear suddenly destroying your cooler in the middle of the night!

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