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Bear in Backyard Pond: That’s How You Know It’s Hot!

Bear In Backyard Pond: That's How You Know It's Hot!

I would’ve loved to see the look on this Pennsylvania man’s face when he went outside expecting to see some deer and found a big black bear in his backyard pond!

Joel Sedeski of Drums, Pennsylvania, is used to seeing wildlife in the woods around his house. Deer are a common sight, and they’ve also had bears get into their trash and their bird feeder. However, they’ve never had an encounter quite like this one before.

He recently got the surprise of his life when his wife Renee heard a noise from outside while they were in the living room of their house. When she went to investigate, she discovered a bear in their backyard pond. She ran to get Joel and he took some video of the bear enjoying a morning dip in their backyard koi pond.

Watch the video below to see how it all went down. It looks like he found the perfect spot to relax!

That bear looked a little annoyed that Joel came out and disturbed him during his relaxing morning swim. I don’t blame the bear, though. That thick, black coat has to be uncomfortable this time of year and there’s nothing quite like a bath in ice-cold water when it’s really hot outside!

Birds get to swim in a bird bath. Why can’t a bear take a cool dip in a fish pond?

It’s anybody’s guess how much it weighed, but he looked pretty darn big black bear to me. Pennsylvania is known for some truly massive bears, though, so bears weighing several hundred pounds aren’t unheard of. What’s even more impressive to me though is how agile that bear was. It looks like he manage to slip in and out of the garden pond without damaging the liner, any of the rocks, or the pond plants.

Black bears have been known to cause all sorts of mischief though ranging from trashing pizza parlors in Colorado to breaking into cars in Montana. All things considered, it looks like Joel and Renee were pretty lucky that the bear decided to calmly leave their backyard pond without causing any damage.

So, what would you do if you discovered a black bear in your backyard pond?

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Bear in Backyard Pond: That’s How You Know It’s Hot!