Tough Bear Shakes Off Hundreds of Bee Stings To Continue Attacking Hive

Bears will do just about anything to get into a beehive, including suffering hundreds of bee stings.

There's a misconception that bears love honey (think Winnie the Pooh) and that they'll do just about anything to get to it. Truth be told, bears do like honey, but experts confirm that they're really after the brood when they break into a beehive. Those bee pupae must be like candy to a bear.

This bear proves just how far these animals will go to get to the good stuff. The bear withstands what must be hundreds of bee stings to its face and body, and it barely even phases the giant bruin's attack on the colony.

It periodically shakes its head, paws at its face and scratches its hind quarters, trying to shake free of the stinging insects. You have to admire its tenacity and toughness to keep eating in the face of an attack like this.

The toughness of bears is not something to be underestimated. Bears and beekeepers are not good neighbors. Bears have been wreaking havoc on beehives ever since humans have been raising bees and harvesting honey. In Michigan, for example, beekeepers have petitioned the state government to do something to offer them some relief from marauding bears. It's the same in Maryland, where a bill was introduced to allow beekeepers to shoot nuisance bears.

There's even some controversy about the effectiveness of using electric fences to protect hives from hungry bears. It seems if a bear really wants to get to a beehive, there's next essentially nothing that'll stop it.

A couple hundred bees stings certainly aren't enough to deter a bruin. You almost have to feel sorry for the bees!

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