Bear Destroys Kayak
YouTube: Mary Rose Grace

Woman Hilariously Pleads for Bear to Stop Destroying Her Kayak

There's not much we enjoy more than someone learning about the realities of nature in the most hilarious way possible. One of our recent favorites was the karma a guy got in the form of a popped tire after harassing a bull elk. However, this video from 2015 is an oldie but a goodie of a woman learning the hard way that bears just don't understand humans. The video starts off with the bear at close range and the woman thanking the bear for leaving her kayak alone. As if the bear can understand what she means. She then cheerfully announces to the bruin, "I'm going to pepper spray you in the face!"

We immediately knew that line was the harbinger of something hilarious about to happen. Sure enough, the blast keeps the bear away from the woman—and pushes it right back to her kayak. The bear then spends the next two minutes gnawing on her boat and ripping various items on it as the woman begs and pleads with it to stop. But you know, it being a bear, it has no idea what this woman is screaming about, and it just keeps on hilariously doing bear things.

"Please stop breaking my things! It's not even food, it doesn't even taste good!"

We can't stop laughing at this woman's attempts to bargain with a wild animal. As if the bear even understands the meaning of the word "bear." It is also not uncommon for the bears to still be fattening up for hibernation in September. We highly doubt the bear was seeking retribution for the pepper spray blast, but it is hilarious the way it looks as if that is what is happening here. The only thing funnier than the original video is the re-mixed version where someone dubbed in some funny lines of response for the bear. You can see that below.

The video's description states she had to hitch a ride with another boat to get home because the bear ruined her kayak's hull. We will at least give credit to the woman for having the bear spray, but she probably did not need to pepper spray this bruin. There were not any real indications of aggression here. This incident happened outside a U.S. Forest Service cabin. Just go back inside and wait for the bear to lose interest and leave on its own. Unless an animal is directly threatening your life, it is usually best to leave wildlife alone.

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