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Cheeky Bear Cub Turns Trail Cam Into a Toy

Bears are naturally curious creatures. They search every nook and cranny for anything they can eat or play with, and that's the adults! The cubs? They can get downright mischievous. Luckily for them, their mothers are incredibly loving, attentive, and sensitive to their needs. However, it does not mean that mom doesn't have rules to follow. Sows are known for leaning toward the strict side. After all, it is their job to make sure their cub can survive on their own in the wild. An adorable YouTube video, captured on Voyageurs Wolf Program's trail cam, shows a sow and her cub foraging in the woods. The little cub is frolicking in the grass and being playful with its mom, but it pushes a little too far. Watch the bear cub's shenanigans unfold in this trail cam footage.

Cubs stay with their mama until they are about 18 months old, but this sow seems like she could use a break. As mom was foraging in the bushes, the little cub kept trying to tempt her to play. He really was giving it his all. He rears up on two legs as if to say, "Come on, MOM!" and plops his front paws on the sow's shoulder in a last-ditch effort. However, it backfired on the poor little guy. Mom doesn't just shrug him off. Instead, she forcefully lays down the law, pushing the cub on his back. The sow moves on with her munching, leaving the cub to find other entertainment.

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The video's caption reads, "Once she laid down the law, the little punk, who was clearly distraught from his mother's reprimand, decided it was time to let out his pent-up frustration on our camera...."

Once the cub discovers the trail camera, it is game on. He dislodges it in a few quick swipes, giving viewers a close-up look at his eyes and eventually the ground before the video ends. We bet this little guy played with the camera until mom said it was time to go!

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