Bear Bites Sleeping Camper While She's Still in Her Tent

A presumed bear incident led to minor injuries and a ruined tent near Big Sky.

Wildlife investigators are rather certain it was a bear that interrupted a woman's sleep on private land in Beehive Basin northwest of Big Sky, Montana.

No bear tracks were found, but the victim's account seemed to line up with officials at the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks presume was an adult bear. It left without anyone seeing it.

Here's what the Department release had to say:

According to the victim, she and another person were camping on private land near the Beehive Basin trailhead when they were awakened early Thursday morning by a large animal pushing or "falling" on their tent. The two campers kicked and yelled at the animal to scare it away, and it bit one of them on the leg from outside the tent, then left the campsite. The campers did not see the animal.

Though it's still under investigation, the incident seems to be a result of a bear acting investigative as opposed to predatory. The report said there was no food stored in the tent, and the bite was determined to be more defensive than anything.

Fish, Wildlife, and Parks officials will be monitoring the area, but also urges anyone spending time in bear country take an opportunity to learn the best way to handle contact with a bear, and how to avoid it in the first place. They've supplied everyone with further details on staying bear aware.

In a similar incident last month, a bear pounced on a tent in Colorado, prompting a search for the culprit.

One thing's for sure. They're probably in need of a new tent.