Beachgoer Impaled By Umbrella While Sunbathing In Florida In Freak Accident
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Beachgoer Impaled By Umbrella While Sunbathing In Florida In Freak Accident

A beachgoer experienced her very own Final Destination moment during a recent beach trip. That movie featured death trying to kill people in absurd, very elaborate ways. How else would you explain this freak accident that happened at the beach? A woman recently hit the Florida sand when an umbrella impaled her.

According to Florida officials, the woman was sunbathing when the incident occurred. The Cocoa Beach Police Department confirmed the incident. According to a police spokesperson,  a woman and her family were near the water in Cocoa Beach. That's when the strange accident happened.

So how does a beach umbrella impale someone? That's exactly what police are trying to figure out. The group's rental umbrella became freed from the sand. The tip then somehow impaled the woman through the leg. Exactly how that happened remains unknown at this time. However, the family quickly alerted the authorities and first responders for help.

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Umbrella Impales Woman

It was quite the scene on the beach. First responders had to break out the bolt cutters in order to free the woman. First, they removed the umbrella's canopy from the pole. The wind on the beach kept causing the umbrella pole to move while it was stuck in her leg, which as you can imagine was probably painful. From there, they managed to assist the woman and get her medical treatment.

The Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Fire Rescue are the ones that responded to the scene. At this time, we do not know what the woman's current status is. However, we will keep you updated on the situation.

"Although officers responded, the matter was a medical call and handled by the Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Fire Rescue," the police spokesperson said. "We do not have any more information."

While it may seem extreme, accidents like this do happen from time to time. Although they may seem harmless, beach umbrellas can be deadily, especially when combined with strong winds. For instance, in 2023, a South Carolina woman died after a loose umbrella impaled itself in her chest. Go back to 2019 and a 13-year-old in Massachusetts also ended up in the hospital due to a loose umbrella on the beach.