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Bass Pro Jumps Into Cold Lake During MLF Competition to Untangle Big Fish

What would you do to land a big fish during competition?

When it comes to professional bass fishing, the pros must do everything they can to put together a nice stringer of fish. Their livelihood depends upon it! That leads us to the question: What would you do to land a big fish in a tournament?

Would you dive into 55-degree water to untangle a fish from a snag?

If your answer to that question is "no," well, you wouldn't be able to compete with Adrian Avena. He was fishing Stage One of the 2020 Major League Fishing tour when a good-sized bass gets hung up in an underwater snag. There's only one way to get it free and that's diving into the cold waters of Oklahoma's Lake Eufaula.

So, there you have it. When big money is on the line, bass pros have few qualms about diving into icy waters to land a fish.

For those wondering, yes, anglers can leave their boat for an unorthodox landing method like this on the MLF Tour. However, if you were listening close, you heard the in-boat official give Avena a three-minute penalty here. For a 4-pound fish, though, we'd say that's worth the penalty! In a tournament, you need every good-sized fish you can find!

We're not sure exactly how Avena managed to untangle this fish with his feet, but it was darned impressive to watch. This is one of the craziest fish landings we've ever seen in a tournament!

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