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Is the Bass Pro and Cabela's Deal Falling Through?

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The Bass Pro and Cabela's Deal is facing some tight timelines and may be unravelling.

The Bass Pro $5.5 billion merger with Cabela's is facing increasing pressures and a potentially unachievable deadline imposed by federal regulators. What should have been a fairly straightforward merger is hitting some significant snags.

This quick slideshow gives the rundown on the status of the highly publicized business move.

This is one deal that's facing increasing pressure, and what was once expected to move forward quickly is facing scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which may delay the closing date of the sale.

Cabela's also announced that they are exploring "strategic alternatives," which has raised the level of uncertainty for market watchers. Capital One Finance, which was pursuing the Cabela's Credit card business and banking operation, is also closely linked to the merger but recently told the public that they plan to either withdraw from the deal or have Office of the Comptroller of the Currency deny their application.

It seems to be a rocky road ahead for the potential merger that would have provided a bigger retail footprint in the $76 billion dollar outdoors industry.

The upside is that even if the deal collapses fans of both retailers will still have Cabela's and Bass Pro stores available and open for business.


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Is the Bass Pro and Cabela's Deal Falling Through?