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Man Grabs Monster, 16-Pound Bass Off Dock By Hand

This guy's ability to snatch bass off a dock is unbelievable.

Not too long ago, we shared a video of a guy catching some gigantic largemouth bass off a dock using nothing more than his bare hands. Now, obviously it was a private pond, and clearly the fish had been fattened up via feeding by humans. Still, it is an impressive feat to catch any fish by hand, let alone a bass large enough to overturn the Alabama state record.

We recently ran across yet another video of this guy trying to grab bass off his dock. This one is even more impressive as we get a chance to see just how he is grabbing these fish.

It turns out he uses a small baitfish to tempt the big fish into trying to eat from his hand. Then he clamps his hands down on the bass's lip to pull it from the water. If there was not video to prove it, we would have a difficult time believing it.

In case you were wondering, the state record for a largemouth bass in Alabama is 16 pounds, 8 ounces. That makes this bass quite close, but not quite large enough to beat the record. Not that it would count with this style of fishing anyway, but still, most anglers go their whole lives dreaming about catching a fish like this. If you are like me, you have likely spent thousands of dollars for rods, reel, and tackle. Then this guy just grabs the fish of a lifetime like it is nothing!

We had to do a little more research into this guy and found out his name is Robert Earl Woodward. He is a retired football coach and farmer who has been growing big bass in this lake for years now. In 2016, he told Bassmaster he caught his first bass by hand almost 40 years ago and has been doing it ever since.

We do not expect this is something one could do anywhere. Bass in a larger body of water are going to be too wary to pull it off. In a private pond though, it is a neat trick. And it does look like a lot of fun. Now we want our own private pond full of giant bass!

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