Bass Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques

Bass Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques to Heat Up Your Game This Coming Season

These bass fly fishing tips and techniques are going to help you catch more fish by trying out a variety of flies suited for pressured and less active areas.

Bass is coming into its own as a quarry for fly fishing enthusiasts and it's about time, for trout have long overshadowed this great game fish. It is now getting the respect it deserves.

To maximize your bass catching opportunities, this tutorial describes some techniques and fly types that will get you on some fat bass.

There are some good pointers to increase hook-ups in a variety of conditions.

For waters that receive more pressure from bait and spin fishermen think about using classic nymph flies or smaller dry and streamer flies. What you will be doing is putting more realistic presentations in front of bass that have become conditioned to more standard lures. This technique is a winner because I have hooked many nice bass on small flies fishing right in the vicinity of conventional fishermen using plugs, spoons and spinners with little success. The bass had just seen far too much pressure from classic tackle types.

Less pressured waters is where you can have some fun. These conditions allow you to tie on some of those real monster streamer flies, poppers and oversized bass bugs to experience the excitement of big bass top water attacks or a streamer getting taken just under the surface.

There are some very creative flies available that let you simulate a number of juicy insects or even small mammals, such as mice, so get creative and put some flashy presentations in front of them.

If you haven't tried it yet this coming summer is the time to start fly fishing for bass. You will be on to a great fishing experience with a species that you can find in many parts of the country.