Bass Anglers Catch a Jumping, Hissing, Snapping, Wiggling Alligator

These two anglers got a toothy bonus catch when they accidentally caught and landed a crazy mad, hissing, wiggling alligator.

Loren Johnson has Instagram, facebook and youtube accounts that are a bass angling fanatic's dream. There are tons of photos and videos on his sites of bass, baits and beards (Johnson has a bountiful beard!). But this is the only pic or video of an agitated alligator you'll find anywhere on any of his pages.

Johnson was fishing with guide Joey Berg on Florida's Lake Okeechobee when Berg accidentally hooked a young alligator. Berg handled the incident like he'd caught and released hundreds of gators before this one, but Johnson was a little leery.

"I'll let you do it," he said as Berg tried to grab the excited reptile. "I'll let a professional do it."

Once Berg got the gator under control he handed the hissing critter off the Johnson for a photo.

"Guys, I am holding a fricking alligator!" he exclaimed. "My mom is gonna beat the hell out of me when I get back home."

As Johnson threw the little dinosaur back into the water he retorted, "He hissed at me on the way in too. Man...ooh, I'm shakin'!"

Johnson and Berg were fishing topwater with frogs and the lure looked just as good to the little gator as it did to the bass. That was a great little bit of added excitement for the day, no doubt about it.

Here's the youtube video of Johnson's trip, with the extended version of the alligator catch starting at 4:35:

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