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Bahamas Woman Brings 97 Dogs into Home During Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian worked its way to the Bahamas, a kind woman and animal lover brought 97 dogs into her home. A majority are riding out the storm in her bedroom! This woman, Chella Phillips, will need donations and help after the storm passes so let's help her. She brought in less fortunate dogs as well so many are likely special needs.

As a category 5 storm, I cannot imagine how strong the winds are and she states in the Facebook post below that there is no way any living being could have survived.

Another update on Facebook tells us there is extensive flooding but the dogs are safe. You must scroll through the images on Facebook as all these dogs seem to be doing just fine with each other which I find kind of amazing. Some I swear are smiling! Thank goodness for this very special woman.

This is the latest update:

"It has been insane since last night, poop and piss non stop but at least they are respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in. We have barricaded the refuge and nobody is outside, the music is playing in all directions of the house and the AC is blowing for them. I managed to bring some less fortunate ones and I really appreciate some of you donating for crates. I really needed it for the scared ones and the sick ones. so Thank you!"

It will take a long time for the Bahamas to recover. Wait though, this woman has helped over 1,000 dogs the past four years so not only is she taking in those that cannot help themselves this is what this woman DOES daily. She's our hero!

You can donate via PayPal: [email protected]

She needs crates as mentioned in this interview and at this point she needs donations and help in any form.

Homeless dogs are an issue in the Bahamas as many need to be spayed in neutered so the number of abandoned dogs roaming around is likely very overwhelming. Phillips is the advocate and voice for these creatures. Some of the sick dogs will be cared for and she'll need help with medical bills.

Phillips talks about the abundance of homeless dogs and how much love they give back. She has close to 100 dogs in her home and they're sleeping in her master bedroom! Thank goodness for social media as her Facebook post went viral and she's getting some of the help she needs.

Talk about a stressful night! Thank you, Chella for everything you are doing to help these dogs!

We hope everyone in the path stays safe this week.

Have you ever experienced a hurricane with your pets? Please leave us a comment below.

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