Badlands turkey vest

Badlands Gear Targets Gobblers With New Turkey Vest Pack

Badlands just took their lineup of packs to a whole new level with a turkey hunting vest.

Every year, we see brands update their famed products at ATA. However, we're occasionally lucky enough to see brands introduce new products, especially when it signifies an expansion into different sectors.

Badlands Gear, popular for their hunting packs and apparel, just made a big move with the ATA debut of their new Turkey Vest Pack.

The vest boasts top-shelf quality, featuring all the elements required to orchestrate an efficient turkey stalk, as well as the durability needed to last for years of hunting.

turkey vest

The vest sports a slew of pockets, giving avid turkey hunters an easy way to organize a wide variety of calls. Two circular pockets on the front provide sleek storage for pot calls, while a slender pocket on the other side fits a standard-size box call.

Diaphragm calls fit in a magnetic pocket up near the chest (which is a whole lot quieter than velcro), and additional zipper pockets offer storage for any other miscellaneous items.

The bridge design on the interior back of the vest allows for optimal ventilation, as well as comfortable shoulder straps, a game bag and a seat cushion on the outer side.

With that cushion, you can sit comfortably against a tree in the woods undetected, thanks to the famed Badlands Approach camo, which covers the majority of the vest.

As vest and day packs continue to become more and more of a standard among turkey hunters, Badlands picked the perfect time to dabble in the springtime rush.

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