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How Bad is it to Actually Get Shot at Point Blank Range?

point blank range
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Getting shot would suck, but getting shot at point blank range would suck even more. Why? Just watch this video to find out what it would do to your body.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get shot at point blank range? If you’ve spent much time around guns, the thought has probably at least passed through your mind. If nothing else hopefully you’ve thought about in a safety sense of how not to get shot at point blank range. If you are one of those people who really want to know “What’s the worst that could happen?” today’s your lucky day.

Could you survive any of these shots? Maybe. Could you take any of these shots standing up? Probably not. Of course the ballistics gel reacts slightly differently than actual human skin but the end result and the hole left by the impact of the bullet remain pretty close to the same. All in all, we recommend steering clear of any point blank shots if you want to live to shoot another day.

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How Bad is it to Actually Get Shot at Point Blank Range?