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Backwoods Bow Fishing in Missouri Sure Looks Like Fun!

Backwoods Bow Fishing In Missouri Sure Looks Like Fun!

These guys took advantage of a massive flood in Missouri to do some backwoods bow fishing for carp that left the Meramec River and were swimming through the forest.

One of the overlooked results of the recent flooding in Missouri is the fact that lots of fish escaped the rivers and lakes they normally call home due to the elevated water levels. This was great news for guys like Tim Kjellesvik (from The Thinking Woodsman), who were able to take advantage of the situation and do a little backwoods bow fishing for carp.

Check out the video below to see what I mean. It’s a little long, but it’s almost solid action with them hammering carp after carp with their bows.

Pretty cool right? Nice shooting, Tim!

Tim is a die hard bow hunter (he took a massive 19 point buck with his bow last year) and bow fishing is one of his favorite summertime activities. As you can see, it can be loads of fun and helps him stay sharp for archery season.

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Backwoods Bow Fishing in Missouri Sure Looks Like Fun!