Avoid Road Rage, Because Evander Holyfield Says So

This is NOT what you want to see is you're suffering from road rage.

In this road rage PSA starring a certain boxing legend, one unsuspecting trucker quickly finds out what may happen when you provoke another motorist.

Sponsored by various Georgia transportation authorities, Evander Holyfield was inspired to participate in the video by a road rage incident when he was a 17-year-old amateur boxer.

"Somebody was blowing their horn and they got out and they just talked to me any kind of way," said Holyfield in a 2015 interview with the Associated Press. "I fought then. I wasn't heavyweight champ of the world. I was 17, but I could fight and the guy is making all this noise. He was probably thinking I can't fight. I was a good fighter. I was an amateur champion."

Thankfully, Holyfield was generous enough to mean mug the back-foot shuffling trucker away from his Mercedes before the video cuts to the message, 'Avoid road rage. You never know who you might run into.'