3 Very Unfortunate Car Commercials, Part II

These are the latest unfortunate car commercials scrounged up from the depths.

For every multi-million-dollar Chevrolet or Ford commercial, there are used car duds gracing daytime morning television in small towns across the country.

Here are three that have captured our imagination for their wild hosts and wilder camera work.

1. Crazy Hubb's Used Cars

In this odd used car commercial, a genuine(?) cowboy promotes Crazy Hubb's used car lots with outdated clip art graphics flashing on the screen, tilted camera angles, and an elderly woman stock photo poseing as his "wife," offering free beans to all car buyers. He even offers a free trip to his "personal bean patch." Suzuki and beans!

2. Credit MacDaddy

Here we replace a cowboy with a cheap, white suit-clad pimp. The "Credit MacDaddy" raps about no credit checks with a backdrop of battered used cars and an enthusiast couple singing his praises.

3. Floyd's Used Car Commercial

Heavy set Floyd Pinkerton in some severely undersized clothing rolls in a Smart Car and says nothing except to enjoy the benefit of paying only $55,000 to walk off the lot, bad credit accepted, along with "Floyd's personal guarantee." The simplicity may actually be genius!