Matt Martens

My father and brother took me on my first duck hunt when I was 9 and luck shined as I shot the first bird that came in. A beautiful wood duck drake which was mounted and sits on my desk to this day. From that point on (over 23 years ago) I’ve been in love with everything wild. Starting with ducks and pheasants in the Oklahoma panhandle I soon began to travel and I’ve been fortunate enough to hunt and fish in 11 states and 2 countries. I worked as an upland bird guide in Oklahoma and I had my own taxidermy business for 8 years. After working in the corporate world for almost a decade, I started Trophyseek, an outdoor apparel and media company that promotes the outdoors and designs custom camouflage clothing. I lived in Idaho for a year and I now reside in New Mexico with my wife and 3 children - all girls. I’ve learned how to tie a mean pony tail and I am passionate about introducing youth and beginners to the great outdoors and promoting wildlife conservation. When I’m not working I enjoy photography and spending time with my family.