Dan Born

Born and raised in Minnesota, Dan Born is a lifelong outdoorsmen who has made a career carrying a heavy pack through wild landscapes. Following a stint as Reconnaissance Specialist with the Army National Guard and a tour in Kosovo in 2003, Dan traded his army greens, for U.S Forest Service green to work as a surveyor and resource manager in National Forests throughout the western half of the United States. It was his time spent in the USFS and the completion of his MS in Geography that instilled in Dan his deep appreciation for the wild and public lands of the U.S., and the understanding of them as a uniquely American birthright. In 2012, Dan left his wandering ways with the USFS to settle down and raise a family in the southern Minnesota River Valley that he grew up hunting and fishing in. He currently works as an environmental consultant for federal agencies on energy development projects. Dan’s focus is on outdoor recreation and conservation issues, but specializes in hunting and wildlife habitat design and restoration. He writes and explores these topics on his website,