Cody Assmann

Cody follows the motto “A bad day outside is better than a good day inside.” A deep desire to see what’s over the next ridge has taken him on adventures from the Florida Keys to the Rocky Mountains. An avid outdoorsman, he often tells friends he’s been a bowhunter all of his life, but didn’t pick up a bow until around seven years ago. Since then he has been fortunate enough to bag several big game species out west with his bow. Although his passion lies in archery, both traditional and compound, Cody also enjoys spending time trapping, tanning, gardening, and progressing further down his path to preserve the vanishing skills of past generations. Luckily, with two young daughters and a wonderful wife, Cody is able to share his passions with others. In addition to spreading his love of the outdoors through his writing, Cody is a full-time social studies teacher at a rural high school. He lives in the Nebraska panhandle and treasures the open skies of the west.