ATV Moose
YouTube: CanadianLlama

Hunters End Up With Broken Window After Trying to Load ATV and Moose in Same Pickup

"That was a very expensive moose."

Many hunters like to take advantage of a good ATV. They can make life a heck of a lot easier when you are out hunting and down a big game animal like a moose. Because you can then drag the animal back rather than having to cut it up in the field and lug it back in a pack by hand.

However, sometimes that convenience is too much of a good thing. In today's video, it seems the hunters did not think too much about how they would get their bull moose and the ATV back to camp in the same truck.

They decide to improvise, putting a big piece of wood over the moose's body and then loading the ATV on top of it. Sounds like a solid plan. That is, until it is put into practice. It ends up in a major fail from a busted back window!

"I should have stopped a little sooner!" The understatement of the day right there! He probably should have seen that one coming. At the same time, we just love how chill they were about the whole thing. For many people, this would have ruined the entire mood of a successful hunt. Not these guys. They were immediately laughing about it. We get the feeling this is a video they will play on repeat for their hunting buddies in the future.

In fact, it seems they already had a feeling it would end in failure. Why else would you start filming? We are guessing that this just made this moose hunt a little more memorable than the others they have been on in the past.

Our advice is to not do what these guys just did if you need to load a game animal and a quad in the same vehicle or trail! Not unless you want to end up on the Internet with an ATV loading fail of your own!

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