The Purrrrfect $15 Shirt for Cat Moms With a Sense of Humor

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If you think cat owners are obsessed with their fur babies, wait until you meet one who owns multiple cats. As a fellow cat owner, I am always eager for someone to ask me about my cats. My camera roll is filled with tons of cat pictures just waiting to be shown off, and I know other cat moms can relate. If you ask me about my ninja, you also get pictures of my cat... in a ninja disguise.

Cat parents have no shame in doing over-the-top things for our cats. Any chance I get to proudly wear my title as a cat mom, I will take it, and this "Ask Me About My Kitties" graphic tee is the purrrfect way to express your personality and sense of humor.

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Womens's "Ask Me About My Kitties" Flip T-Shirt

The front of this short-sleeve shirt features a printed phrase: "Ask Me About My Kitties," but that's not even the best part — The inside of this shirt features two printed cats and is designed for you to lift up and "flash" people after they ask about your kitties!

This best-seller flip shirt is made and printed in the USA by the Crazy Dog T-shirt brand. It is made with ringspun cotton and is machine washable. With this product, you get a high-quality shirt made to last. It is also available in slim-fit sizes and larger sizes up to 3XL. If you get the wrong size, this seller has a flexible return policy, and if you're unsatisfied, you can get an immediate exchange.

This is the ultimate cat lover gift. If cat moms are considered parents, then this graphic t-shirt would make a funny gift idea for Mother's Day. Meeting another obsessive cat owner is the highlight of my week, and if I can bond with other cat lovers through a t-shirt, I am all in. It would be a hoot to wear a tank top underneath this shirt and flip it at the perfect moment. This inside-out shirt is sure to get a laugh out of everyone.

The Crazy Dog T-shirt brand is known for making hilarious, sarcastic unisex t-shirts and hoodies. If you have a nerdy sense of humor, they have a shirt for that! In long sleeves, short sleeves, men's tshirts, and women's, personalized crew neck shirts are perfect for Father's Day, Halloween, and any other holiday you can think of. Or just for lounging around the house. Your choice. Check out this hilarious Mens Ask Me About My Trex T-Shirt.

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