Slo-mo armless archer
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The Armless Archer is Even More Awesome Shooting in Slo-Mo

The Armless Archer takes some shots downrange and we get to watch in slo-mo just to see how amazing his technique really is. 

Matt Stutzman, also known as The Armless Archer, has already proven himself to be an amazing archer and sportsman, but when you see how he does it in slo-mo, you'll be even more impressed. Take a look at how Stutzman goes from pre-shot all the way to follow through in his own unique way, all captured with great clarity.

Stutzman has already proven himself to be one of the world's top archers by doing things such as shooting Cheez-its at 100 yards, or taking the world record for the longest archery shot; but this past year Stutzman has made the move to the able-bodied division of competitive shooting and already has some impressive finishes, including a top 5 at the World Team Trials. To say the least The Armless Archer should be an inspiration to any shooter out there, young or old.

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